Who Adorns Her? Zendaya Coleman

Hey guys! I just thought of an idea.

You wanna know who are under appreciated? STYLISTS. It’s rare for a stylist to receive much recognition by the public for a job well done. Then again, it is rewarding having a job you adore doing (see what I did there? Yes?). However, in an effort to give credit to the stylists that work so hard, I’ve began a segment here on adornedinarmor called, “Who Adorns Her?”

“Who Adorns Her” will feature my favorite celebrities styles and the revealing of the masterminds behind their style of dress. First up? The ultimately beautiful Zendaya Coleman.



At just 17, the young actress/singer/dancer has accomplished many feats. She’s covered W, NKD, J-14 magazine, Seventeen (I was wondering why they took so long!) and more. She’s being called a “triple threat” and I mean, she is…But, this post isn’t about a summary of her life. “Who Adorns Her?” is not about any celebrity’s life. It’s about style right? So let’s cover that.


I find Zendaya’s style to be completely age appropriate and regal. I love how she takes risks by boldly using different colors of the spectrum. That aspect alone reminds me of me! Her taste for color, no matter how wild, makes the most sense. It’s versatile. Her poise indicates her respect for herself. She’s just plain classy. To see her evolve as an style icon right before my very eyes is what further makes me support her.ย 

Fame & Philanthropy Post-Oscar Party Benefiting The Community Inspiring Today's Youth, Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, And The Compound Foundation

On Vevo’s Stylized, she explains, “I try to be my own little fashion leader.” Well, you accomplished that! Zendaya serves at each and every red carpet event and her street style? Don’t even get me started. She sat FRONT row at NYFW and slayed at every sighting. Yes, mama, she made it.


She recently confessed that her dream is to walk the runway. Well, she SHOULD. Look at those limbs. Look at that FACE.


I had to restrain from posting too many photos (taken from Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram) and I’m trying not to gush over her, but she is just so UGH. Girl crush, much? Hahah scroll down for the revealing of her amazing stylist!


Here it is, everyone! The stylist of Zendaya Coleman is Luxury Law Roach!!!


Source: ecelebs.com

lawSource: Pinterest

The Chicago bred stylist and Zendaya have been working together since she was 13. The two collaborate to create a whole bunch of fashion yes yes and more yeses! I especially like how they keep the fans in mind when considering her next look. They keep her appearances sophisticated and edgy, while still giving her enough freedom to wear what she wants. Law Roach has big plans for Zendaya and even hopes to see her on the cover of Vogue one day. Who wouldn’t?

To check out more of his work, follow his Instagram and/or visit his site: lawroachstyles.com.ย This man deserves recognition!

ย * I do not own these photos


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