The super unique bloggers, Ash & Steph, behind “The Tall and the Short of It” recently contacted me to do this blog tour. They explained that it’s just me explaining my writing process to you all and so, here I am…fulfilling their request 🙂



What are you working on?

I’m actually hoping to start up my personal style posts again very soon! I have so many outfits to share and I’m anxious to begin shooting with my photographer! Other than that, I honestly just go with the flow. Whatever I post about always has to deal with style even if its indirect and it just works. I recently came up with “Who Adorns Her?” which is about my favorite celebrities’ styles and the revealing of their personal stylists! My goal with my new “series” is basically to give credit where credit is due! Stylists are seemingly under-appreciated by the public and I just want to show everyone the masterminds behind the clothes. I get inspired real easily so let’s see what I come up with next!

How does your work differ from others in your genre?

It’s different because I don’t strive to become like other bloggers. We as bloggers have to come to an understanding that what draws our readers are our own selves and what we have to say. It’s all about what we have to offer. I love showing that I’m multi-faceted. By doing that, I get all sorts of readers…readers that love poetry enjoy my Spoken Word posts or readers who share the same values as me appreciate my “inspirational” posts and readers that appreciate fashion enjoy my style related posts. They work interchangeably sometimes. I just love how my readers can relate and how they share their stories and opinions with me, too. I don’t have an exact genre…unless you consider style/faith/poetry as a genre collectively. My blog simply reads: Yes, I’m a fashion lover, but I’m a fashion lover that’s a poet, with my own style and deep in my faith. I strive to show that we fashion lovers have depth.

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Why do you write what you do?

I  want to show the world that fashion lovers aren’t shallow. Well, not all of us haha! I write because I have a story to tell and I want it to be heard, whether it be through what I say or what I wear. I write because I’m a writer. No, seriously, I’m a Creative Writing Minor lol.

How does your writing process go?

I start writing and I just keep typing it out until I can’t anymore. Sometimes I take breaks but most times I just keep going because I want to let it all out. Here and there, I hurriedly type or write out new ideas for a blog post. Also, I tend to cut and paste my work to rearrange its order when it comes to editing. Other than that, my writing process isn’t very structured.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you all enjoyed me attempting to magnify my thinking process for you. Still want to pick my brain? Ask questions or comment below!

I ask The Blonde Perfectionist to continue the #blogtour.

Love, Tarah-Lynn of Adorned in Armor

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