Sisters Need Love, Too

Hi lovelies!

So. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for sharing the love. I’m a huge advocate of everyone getting equal representation or at least some acknowledgement. It goes a long way. For this post, I focus on the stylish sisters that have made names for themselves aside from their siblings. A few, you might not have even heard about! Check out who made my list!

1. Solange Knowles


I put Solange first because not only is she my ultimate favorite, but she’s the first that came to mind! To me, Solange became the Solange once she chopped off all her hair and embraced the natural journey. After that, I stopped referring her as Beyonce’s sister. Look at the oomph, that volume!



When I think of Solange, I think: bold, eccentric, vintage. She’s effortlessly stylish and is truly a style icon. She has graced several magazines such as Complex,Essence and was featured in Harper’s Bazaar + more! Solange isn’t afraid of unique prints, monochrome solids or bright colors. That’s what I love the most about her. You can always spot her anywhere, just because of her bizarre choices. I consider her look as the epitome of quirky. The playfulness of her style suits her attitude, her personality. That’s how you know when a person has found themselves.



Such a weirdo. I love it 🙂 Now, excuse me as I go on a picture rampage…




Unlike her style, there’s one thing that Solange doesn’t play with: her older sister, Beyonce.




2. Poppy Delevigne


English based model Poppy Delevigne has walked the runways of many top designers. She became an ambassador for Chanel and British Fashion Council, the face of the Burberry and Luis Vuitton campaigns, and has been on the cover of Glamour. Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and I can honestly go on and on. She’s done it all.

Creative London Party - London Fashion Week AW14


What I appreciate most about Poppy is her street style. It’s literally without flaw. I consider her look as subtle glam. I say that because she wears statement pieces that are just enough to set her apart without looking overly extravagant. For example, I noticed that with her style, she chooses one fabulous garment and dresses around it. She’ll take her fur pieces, or jackets as the red one above, or the polka dot pants you’ll see below and make them the center of attention. She doesn’t try too hard and every look she has comes off as chic.



I know you recognized her last name! Poppy is the older sister of none other than: Cara Delevigne – my favorite model in the history of history (I won’t rave about her, although I can…TRUST ME, I can). I had to do a bit of research on Poppy and she is actually the one that has been setting the footsteps for her little sister to follow! And, I have to admit…her street style is more tasteful.




3. Elle Fanning


Mary Elle Fanning reached stardom at the ripe age of 3! The young actress has been in several films, always playing a thought provoking character. Her “it” factor landed her with the Young Hollywood Award for Actress of the Year!  I can’t help but notice the 15 year old’s evolving stature and style and seems like the editorial magazines see the same; Elle has been on Elle, Interview, Teen Vogue, and W (to name a few, of course).


Elle style is very feminine – she goes for the soft tones and airy fabrics. I also noticed that she has a thing for pastels! For good reason, too. The various shades look exquisite against her porcelain skin. Take a look!




Elle Fanning, is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning (another prominent child star that is sure to stay around). I look at them and I’m amazed of how far they’ve come! I remember when they were kids! My, how they grow! So fast, too *sheds tear*. Don’t you remember?!


The sisters have definitely blossomed into beautiful and fashion forward women with substance. Below are photos from editorials in W and some other magazine because as I mentioned, I got all these photos from Tumblr!


bigelle2 4. Elizabeth Olsen


Though I never heard her music, or that she sang in general (the point of research, guys!), I learned that Elizabeth Olsen is a singer as well as an actress. We all knew the latter. She’s in the upcoming movie, The Avengers, so be on the look for it! I know I will. I loooooove superhero movies 😉 But, I digress. Not only does she do Hollywood film, she did off Broadway shows as well! Romeo & Juliet, to be exact. Guess who was Juliet?

It was so hard finding Elizabeth’s street style! Like omg, I literally looked on every search engine but to no avail. So, it was sort of hard for me to describe this Olsen’s style. I know she tends to go for dark colors so maybe she’s into a classy vintage-grunge…thing? I’m not too sure, but I do appreciate these editorials.olsen5

As you can see, this sister has several editorials and features under her belt as well! Let’s see NY, Nylon, W, Lucky, Interview…must I go on? Actually, I probably should since the pictures below are from her most recent campaign: Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2014!


Let’s play a little ISpy, shall we? Which stylish sisters do you see at Miu Miu’s front row event? 😉

Miu Miu : Arrivals  - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Last but not least, Elizabeth Olsen is the sister of her older twin sisters: the iconic Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen *faints*. They might as well be triplets, don’t ya think? Haha


That’s all everyone! My top stylish sisters that have made names for themselves aside from their last names. Thank you for reading and let me know who your favorite fashionista is!


Disclaimer: I do not own these photos.

44 thoughts on “Sisters Need Love, Too

  1. fashionassist says:

    One of the best celebrity/model “sister” posts I’ve ever read…
    well done lovely lady and cheers to sisters…
    and double cheers to sisters with style~
    PS Adore Poppy Delevigne’s style…
    she’s a fave of mine too ♥

  2. Aini Hapsari says:

    Such a fun read! I love the Fannings and the Olsens although the other sisters are no less awesome.

    Actually i’ve found quite a lot of Elizabeth Olsen’s style. She’s more into sophisticated and polished look with a modern twist, which i totally adore

  3. My Fashion S/ash Life says:

    Sisttters are most certainly doing it for themselves!! I like the angle you took with this article, its so nice that with each of these siblings, they are doing their own thing and everyone seems to be happy for the other. There’s no throwing shade, exploitation in media etc etc. Its nice…

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