#GIRLPROBS: Beauty is Pain

If you are a female, you have struggles. Point blank PERIOD. Let me tell ya.


Here are some of my stories:

At 10 years old, my aunt gave me my first perm. I wanted my hair silky straight because I wanted a new look. (You guys are going to realize how bored I get of things so quickly.) So, anyway, my aunt bought a box…”Just for Me”, it was called. I knew it was going to come out great because hey, the girl on the box was pretty and it was…just for me. Well, it DID come out great. But the process? Not so much. As my aunt applied the cream to portions of my big hair, I started to burn. BAD. As tears silently fell down my cheeks, I whispered, “it hurts”. I didn’t want to complain because this is what I wanted and naive little me thought that was how it worked. I thought it would be all over soon. Boy, was I wrong. Or, maybe…time just dragged and I was being the spoiled little princess that I was. My aunt finished my whole head and rushed me to the sink to wash the relaxer all out. As she relieved me of the pain, she comforted me and for the first time in my life, I heard the saying, “Beauty is pain”.

Oh, yes it is.

For my 8th grade graduation dance, I wanted to look different…again. So, a few days before that specialday, I asked my mom if I could get my eyebrows done. All she said was “no”. If only you knew how enraged I was. Like, pissed, guys. As mentioned, I am sorta kinda maybe a tab bit on the spoiled side. Sooooo, I don’t like being told “no”. Even worse, I don’t like being told “no” and not being told why. What do you mean “no”? I bothered her some and she finally told me, “you don’t even have eyebrows”. She’s right, I don’t. Well, kinda. My eyebrows are very very very LIGHT. They are barely noticeable. But they are there. I told her that getting my eyebrows waxed would enhance the lacked there-of hairs. She was adamant. I wasn’t getting my eyebrows done. I didn’t talk to her the rest of the night. That morning, she told me that I could 😉 So, I did. I went to the salon with my big sister and half sat/half laid on those long chairs as an Asian woman blew over a stick of hot wax over me. She burned me. Not only did her whacking the thin hairs of my brows caused me to flinch in pain and glare at her in anger, she burned me. Turns out, I have very sensitive skin. I left the salon happy with my new face, but as I scrutinized myself in my bathroom mirror, I noticed how pink my skin was where the wax was. Oh, and the next few days, I started breaking out around my brows. Lesson learned? Nope. I did my eyebrows probably 4-5 more times until I decided I wouldn’t get my brows done anymore. It’s working out well; I’ve been growing them out and we’re all in the full brow look anyways. I heard threading hurts, too  but it’s way safer for my skin. Maybe I’ll try it one day.

OH, for the sake of beauty.

I’m sure all of you can relate to this one. Imagine seeing shoes you had to get. You immediately rush into the store to try those bad boys on to find that they don’t have your size! Not even a half size bigger or smaller! Desperate, you just get one whole size smaller (because getting one size bigger will make your feet big and leaving without those shoes are not an option!). This has happened to me probably at least 3 times in my life. In my latest instance, one of my favorite online clothing store was having the biggest sale…ever. I seen the most beautiful black pointed, gold studded pumps with a strap that went across the ankle for an unbelievably cheap price! It was a steal. This time, though, the site did have my size. But, to be safe, I went a half size bigger since ya know, the shoes were pointed. I get the shoes in the mail and…they’re tight. In my head, I’m like, “I just need to break these in, that’s all!” Wrong. Those shoes have caused me so much misery, guys. So so much misery. To avoid further torture as well as corns, bunions and whatever atrocities that can rise on one’s feet, I made the decision that I will only wear them for quick style posts and then pass them over to my younger sister. No shoes are worth having ugly feet for. Oh no. At least this time, the purchase wasn’t my fault. The size ran small.


Next up? Salon visits. Omg. I HATE GETTING MY HAIR DONE. I love the outcome, but the process is so tedious. First, you go to the salon which is usually jam-packed with women already waiting before you. After a century and a few decades later, you eventually get called for your wash. Your head shakes as the woman scrub a  dub dubs on your hair and specks of water flicks here and there on your forehead, maybe your nose. They wrap your hair with leave in conditioner and whisk you away to the dryer. The dreaded dryer. The super hot fire dryer. The dryer that makes you sweat dryer. The dryer from hell dryer. You sit there, baking. And, it’s even worse when it’s hot out. After the sauna, you go back to the sink to wash it out. Afterwards, off you go to the chair where rollers are stack into your head. Ouch, a pin, a pin -_-  Then, back to the dryer again. Sigh. After 1+ under the blasted machine, you are finally finished!!! Or, how about blow outs, ladies? Sew ins, dye jobs, braids, curls, straightening? All for the love of our locks!



I know we women also have the ultimate struggles of applying makeup and lazily removing it just to do it again the next day, or… breaking the bank for clothes we need for just one special event or maybe you’re the type that breaks the bank for any event, hitting the gym because you feel your body isn’t up to par, waxing ‘staches, legs and other places…I can go on and on. But, I won’t. I rather hear yours. What’s your #GIRLPROBS?



Disclaimer: All photos are courtesy of Tumblr. I do not own.

19 thoughts on “#GIRLPROBS: Beauty is Pain

  1. Fashionconspiracy says:

    I absolutely hate doing my make up, it is so boring and I am not good at it. I keep ordering tons of makeup online, with the hopes that “yes, I’ll probably learn to be great at this stuff If I have better makeup and tools”. But I never do. Hopefully I’ll improve. Love this post, very relatable.

  2. Munachi says:

    Oh the days of Just For Me… I used to get relaxers every three weeks until I finally realized that burning my hair off every few weeks was just not worth it. Beauty is pain but I must choose my battles. Lol

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