Queen of Coachella


If it wasn’t for Vanessa Hudgens, I would not know what Coachella is. True stuff. I found out what it was like…last year. And, that is solely because I used to be a Tumblr and VH fiend so whenever artsy photos would surface, I would think: where is she? I came to the conclusion that Coachella is just some music festival that broadcasts epic selfies of Vanessa (with the ocassional ones with Austin Butler, of course). Nbd πŸ˜‰

I thought to make this post as an “Who Adorns Her” piece but I don’t know. Vanessa’s been dressing herself forever. It’s just more acknowledged at this time of the year. Yes, everyone at Coachella is groovy-like, with their Beatles styled shades, flower crowns and lace and crochet tops and shorts. Oh, and you can’t forget about the feathers, beads and braids! But…it’s just… Vanessa wears it different – different in the way that she now wears the crown of Coachella. All photos from the event can attest to that. She was paid thousandsΒ just to go! Come on. Think Coachella? Think Vanessa Hudgens.

Pictured here are my favorite looks for this year’s Coachella to past ones.



Photo via Daily Mail



Okay okay. I can’t just stop there. Soooo, maybe this post is sorta like a “Who Adorns Her” piece. I have to address her street and red carpet style! Have to. I honestly can’t help myself.

Vanessa’s style is what I call a “grown grunge”. She makes the trend look very mature and wearable. She can be seen wearing loose, airy fabrics to heavy leather jackets. She really puts a twist to her billowy Bohemian style. Hudgens easily pulls off dark, vampy colors and is still open to bright florals. She’s all over the place, yet her style is still somewhat unified! You know what? Let’s just call her our versatile flower child.




Oh, and, when it’s time to really dress up. Vanessa is extremely polished. Here we go with her dark colors!


Monochromatic. Clean.


I am not only appreciative of Hudgen’s style, but I’m just happy of how she has grown from her role as “Gabriella” in High School Musical. In particular, I like how she did it gradually and with taste. That’s so rare. I’m sure we all can agree with that.


Chopard At 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

The Queen bids us farewell! So, that is all, guys πŸ™‚


Photos courtesy of Tumblr unless stated otherwise.

41 thoughts on “Queen of Coachella

  1. Filza Ahmar says:

    I found out today! From my peers and they were astonished that I didn’t know what Coachella was! I sincerely thought it was just some hipster fashion event when a lot of DIY clothing and extravagant makeup πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

  2. Wear/To/Next says:

    Yup! Totally agree, Tarah! She rocks that…sarong? Damn. Blanked out on what they call those. Not really a sarong, per se. That really is the first time I’ve seen someone really get that look right. Y’know without looking like an extra from Eat, Pray, Love.

  3. tmar94 says:

    This was an adorable post! I’m glad somebody opened up their mouth concerning Vanessa’s style. I, too, have seen various pictures of her street looks, and always think, “Her style is soooo perfect!”, but I never got around to actually mentioning my…..covetousness (Yes, I admit. Forgive me Lord).
    Oh… and, yeah, I found out about Coachella last year through Jenn Im. Do you know her?

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