Confession: I love makeup. I love hair. I love dressing up. I love anything that sparkles. I’m in love with beauty.


Is that a problem? I think NOT. However, it can be dangerous.When make up becomes what you’re made up of or when your value becomes entrapped in your price tags, that’s when you have a problem.


Recently, I stopped wearing makeup. When I say make-up, I mean powder, brows, and mascara – something light. It’s no longer a part of my daily routine. I know, crazy right? Yeahhh, it was huge for me. My best friends thought I was suffering from something. They thought I was depressed because they couldn’t even imagine themselves stopping, let alone myself! I don’t blame them for being shocked. Our Haitian culture teaches to powder your face before you put one TOE out the door. I grew up on that. My mom grew up on that. My grandma grew up on that. My great-grandma and it goes on and on and on.


Sidebar: the above image is just to illustrate a point. It isn’t necessarily what I had to experience! Just the powdering of my face is all…But, back to my story…

When my mom found out I rarely applied make-up anymore, she was baffled. But, she was happy…happy that I was comfortable enough in my own skin. Happy that I didn’t bother hiding a blemish here and there. Happy I could be naked. However, she still wants me to wear makeup to like…church and stuff. Culture teachings, guys.

She asked me why I stopped. I told her I would wear it for big occasions but no longer every day. It’s because of two things. 1. Laziness. I hated applying it everyday to take it off with my wipes at night. It’s such a long process. And, I take naps during the day so I would hate seeing make-up marks on my pillow cases! Reason #2: What do I have to prove? My best friend said, “you’re in love, you don’t need makeup anymore”. Isn’t that something? Being so comfortable in the fact that someone loves you for…you, that you don’t bother masking imperfections. They love you for those things you hate…. that’s some security, right?


I challenged my friends to let go of their security blankets. One of my best friends is obsessed with concealer and constantly filling her brows and the other cannot go a day  without her lip liner because (and I quote): “I don’t have your kind (the shape) of lips so I need to.” But, is that really what we need? Cover ups? Masks? Filters?


Ya know…

Last night, I was laughing at how funny God is. The day before it was well over 70 degrees and the next night, He made it snow?! I love when He does that! It reminds me how powerful He is and that we humans aren’t as secure as we think. We think we can forecast the weather, tomorrow, our distant futures. We would like to think that we have full control but truth of the matter is…you’re not. None of us are.

Makeup is one less thing to worry about. Maybe because it’s predictable. It’s reliable. It’s tangible. It’s easy getting accustomed to a routine that’s right in front of you than an invisible God that watches over you.

The only security we humans have is in the hope of Jesus. His love for us envelops us in a huge, fluffy blanket, reminding us that we are His. We are made in His image. We are beautiful. He loves us soooo much even with our dirty thoughts and nasty insides. He knows our most disgusting secrets, our selfish hearts and finds beauty in our natural state – our whole e n t i r e being. We should take comfort in knowing everything is all in His hands, regardless of what our outsides or insides look like. That’s security. With that sort of guardianship, I don’t mind being naked!

natural beauty




Disclaimer: I do not own these photos.


13 thoughts on “Naked.

  1. Munachi says:

    I love love love this post! You’re a very talented writer. I love how you discussed how you feel about makeup and you stopped wearing it then transitioned to not needing the security of makeup because of Jesus’s power and sacrifice. Thank you for such a great post 🙂

  2. tmar94 says:

    This is an awesome post, girl! This really encourages me to rely on Jesus in ever aspect of my life, especially in the areas that feel really shaky. I must be reminded that I stand on solid ground.

    • tarahsaint says:

      Amen! Thanks for reading, love! This is the post I took so long getting to – I mentioned it to you before on one of your posts! I’m not sure if you remember.

  3. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Amazing post! you’re a great writer 🙂 Your decision is a very powerful and important one ❤

  4. Beauty says:

    Great Post; born again Christians are saved by grace and live by grace and therefore should not be bound by anything. If you want it, it is okay and if you don’t want it, let it go. Everything should be done to give God glory.

    Thanks for sharing.

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