Who Adorns Her? Lily Collins

Hey adorners!

I’m back again with another “Who Adorns Her” segment here on Adorned in Armor. When creating this, my concept was to give credit for stylists who I think really go under appreciated. Yes, the celebs they style are in the forefront but let’s talk about who created their look behind the scenes.

This time, I’m focusing on the style of…the lovely Lily Collins!!! ❤

lily-collins_glamour_30aug13_rex_b_592x888 (1)Glamour

I first set my eyes upon Lily Collins (I sound like I’m pursuing her lolol) when I was a child watching Nickelodeon. She covered the 2008 US Presidential campaign and I was in awe. 1. Her eyebrows were (and are) AMAZING. 2. It was inspiring seeing someone young and stylish doing something important on television. Seeing the young host nudged me into broadcasting. She even won a 2008 Young Hollywood Award for “Newest Red Carpet Correspondent” – come ON. How amazing is that?

Lily’s work goes earlier than that, however. She wrote a column for Elle Girl, Teen Vogue, Seventeen and the LA Times. 

She has also been chosen as “International Model of the Year” for Spain’s Glamour mag and has appeared on several magazines such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Lucky, Glamour, Nylon, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire. I was blessed enough to have read her latest covers. Thank the good Lord. Oh, yeah! She’s an actress.

Back to style though…


When it comes to television appearances and of the sort, Lily Collins goes for the bright and bold. And I absolutely love that! I appreciate her love for electrifying colors. I feel like Lily Collins’ red carpet and tv looks are the very closest to how I would dress if I had the funds, ya know?

lils2We Heart It



Style Bistro

For street style, Lily goes for blacks, reds and neutrals (especially nudes!). She tends to look more edgy and sleek.

lil13Sugar Scape

lil4The Fashion Spot

AH, for my fav part…red carpet! What I noticed about Collins’ style? Overall, she loves loves loves prints (like me). I love that her styles are so contrasting depending on the event. For red carpet, she makes statements time and time again by not going for grand, extravagant wear. Collins looks regal wearing the simplest colors with carefully constructed design. When I think Lily, I think silhouette. Her gowns are always so perfectly tailored to her body shape. They constantly complement her without showing too much or overly hugging her body. Classy lady, I love it.

lil9Purely Diamonds

lil6MTV Style

lil1Sugar Scape

Look at her. Just waiting on me to spill the beans. Scroll down for the unveiling of Lily Collins stylist!


Karl Lagerfeld via Womens Wear Daily via  Tumblr

This is kinda tricky. But there isn’t just one stylist behind the style of Lily Collins, but three! Lily likes to dress herself and when she doesn’t, she’s usually styled by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn!


The daring duo are mostly known for being J.Lo’s stylists, however, they also style Rihanna, Rachel McAdams and have worked on the music videos of Beyonce (for her “On the Run” tour), Jay-Z and Kanye… ANYWAY.

Recently, the two put Collins in “an embroidered nude tulle ball gown” (picture above) for a Vanity Fair event but according to the Hollywood Reporter, Zangardi says: “Red carpet is a small percentage of what we do. We work on commercials, ad campaigns, editorial and videos. We’re also working on a jewelry line we’re really excited about.”

When asked how they amp up their clients’ looks each season, they responded to Style.com with first they begin “imagining the look [they] want to create for them… incorporate season appropriate colors, silhouettes and then build a look for that specific client. [They] take simple pieces and make them into something different and amazing.”

What did I say?! Their form or simplicity sure does work for Lily.

I’ll leave you with some tips from the dynamic duo, courtesy of Style.com:

– “Have fun! Wear clothes that make you feel good and confident regardless of what’s trendy at the moment.”

– “Invest in great classic staple pieces that you can wear many ways—and mix them up with fast fashion items.”

Sources: Style.com/Arabia, The Hollywood Reporter


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31 thoughts on “Who Adorns Her? Lily Collins

    • tarahsaint says:

      Thank you! I feel that she “adorns” herself better than I can say 99.6% top name celebs lol. She carries herself with dignity and grace which is why I featured her style – it’s what Adorned in Armor is about! Glad you appreciated it and thanks for your constant support!

  1. PelaMarela says:

    Aah, I love Lilly! I have a thing for girls with strong brows…
    But I do agree, celebrities are just “mannequins” for stylists as he models are for the designers – something to show their creativity on.

    xoxo, Peppi

  2. Noemi says:

    I really like her style, she makes (or I’d better say her stylists make) great choices and even if she’s petite she manages to pull off everything so well.
    I love the yellow dress of the first photo, I’d really like to have something like that.

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