Lost in Lace

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If you know me personally, you know that I hate heat. Like, despise. So basically, I HATE SUMMER. Call me a weirdo all you want but sweat, heat, bugs and humidity turn me all the way off. How do I deal then? I stay inside. lol seriously. You’ll only see my face after 6 pm, unless I have to be out


This time around, I stepped outside earlier (around 4:30) just for this style post. I met up with Marge (my cousin and photographer) for an almost impromptu shoot. I came with 3 outfits, got around to shooting 2, but ended up only liking 1! You don’t know what we went through to get the perfect shots! We ended up chasing the sun because the lighting was beginning to dark and the sun was setting. It was hot. Bugs were swarming. I felt like the minimal amount of makeup I had on was melting like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. We were rushed. My other dress got wrinkled. It was just so much wrong going on! And all because of Mr. Sun. You see what happens to me when I’m hot?


Awhile ago, I read in The Purpose Driven Life that I shouldn’t let the weather dictate my mood. You know, when it’s raining – it’s a gloomy day. When the sun’s out, it’s a happy day. Isn’t every day a great one because we’re alive? I need to remember that when I’m in these agitated points. And it’s funny because I was trying to hide from the sun – my own natural lighting – because of the intensity it shown on me. It began to leave (set) but in the end, I needed it all along. It just reminded  me of God’s constant presence in our lives. He’s there but we push Him away to do what we want, how we want, where we want. He’s there and wants to be acknowledged not because He needs it, but because He appreciates our love. He’s there but it seems we have come to only crave His presence when we don’t feel it anymore. We’re found but our stubborn attitudes actually make us feel like we’re the lost ones.

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38 thoughts on “Lost in Lace

  1. layeredindulgence says:

    This dress is amazing, I love it! And same with the shoes.. Thank you for all the likes on my blog 🙂 I would really appreciate a follow back!

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