Who Adorns Her? Blake Lively

It’s that time again, adorners. I’m back with another “Who Adorns Her” segment. Again, for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, I have developed a way for all of us to appreciate and recognize the efforts of stylists! It’s rare for a stylist to receive much recognition by the public for a job well done since the celeb is the canvas so, “Who Adorns Her” features my favorite celebrities styles and the revealing of the masterminds behind their style of dress.

I’ve done Zendaya, Lupita, and Lily. Now, let’s go in the closet of Blake Lively!


If you don’t know who this woman is…where have you been?! Lively got popular mostly off of the hit show Gossip Girls. I loved the show (I was Team Blair, though!) Since then, she’s been making her mark in the fashion industry. From red carpet event to another, this girl is always on the “Best Dressed” list.


On her list of accomplishments, Lively has “former ambassador for Chanel” down checked and she now represents L’Oreal Paris! The actress was clearly the main attraction in the campaign for Gucci Premièreso of course, there are plenty invested in having her look good at all times.

She has covered Cosmo, Marie Claire, Lucky, Allure, Elle, New York, and pretty much any relevant fashion magazine.



Lively dresses beautifully for her long frame. She never appears lanky or awkward. She walks with an air of confidence and that smile of hers – goodness! It’s an added accessory.

Although I didn’t find much of Lively’s street style, I noticed that she prefers her fabrics perfectly tailored on top with loose and flowing fabrics at her feet. Another thing: this girls loves blazers!





Now for my favorite part! Red carpet looks!  They always always always “wow” me. While doing this post, I realized how underrated to the public she is. She’s stunning and her style is impeccable! Her taste…exquisite! I noticed that her red carpet costumes are usually structured. (ex: her latest wow moments at Cannes!) It’s obvious that she adores extravagant gowns. What always catches the eye is when you take in the dress from top to bottom – her trains are…ugh, I don’t know. She should live in those gowns!


Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Savages" - Red Carpet


Source: Zimbio


Scroll down for the revealing of Blake Lively’s stylist!


Blake Lively has chosen to be her very own stylist. Not only that, she styles her husband Ryan Reynolds as well! She’s one of the celebs that are known for being so vocal about staying solo.

“I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better…once I was told it was time to get one, I thought: This is one of my favorite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me? That’s a terrible idea!” – Blake Lively (Huffington Post)


Prior to her major successes, Lively’s style was orchestrated by the assistance of costume designer Eric Daman, who created her wardrobe in Gossip Girl. I assume the advising ended when the season did!

In an interview at the Met Gala, she confessed to E! News that she does get some style advice from the legendary Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin here and there. On her exclusive advisors she gushed,  “Christian…[is] a good friend and somebody I trust incredibly. He’s the closest thing that I say I have to a stylist. There are few people that I ask—Karl, Christian.”

The reason I featured her style is because I never saw her flop. Her regal style never ceases to exuberate poise which means a lot because it’s just so difficult to find A-listers with class! The fact that she has come up with these looks…pretty much by herself is enough to recognize her for her job well done!


Lively on her style:

“[It’s] always changing. There is nothing I’m most comfortable in. I’m most comfortable when I’m being creative with my clothes. If I’m wearing the same sort of thing for a couple days in a row I don’t feel inspired. Fashion can be very artistic — wearing something that’s a little daring. I don’t mean daring in the cut, I mean in the color, in the palettes your mixing together. It’s very empowering.”  (Source: Huffington Post)

There you have it. Who adorns Blake Lively? Well – she does!


Adorned in Armor…

Sources: Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Stylelist, EOnline, Tumblr

38 thoughts on “Who Adorns Her? Blake Lively

    • tarahsaint says:

      So very elegant! I didn’t know either – that’s what I love most about these segments, not only am I sharing with you all but I’m learning as well! In this case, it makes me appreciate her more too

  1. Creme De La Van(couver) says:

    Blair is beautiful! When I learned she was her own stylist I was so happy! So glad she doesn’t depend on other people to represent her through her clothes! Awesome post!


  2. Hermy says:

    I also love her style. I always have. I love how she dresses in a way that’s very classic and little bit more sophisticated, but does not look older. It’s good to see her take that approach as opposed to one that’s less classy. Ie. Rihanna’s and her very controversial CFDA awards outfit.


    • tarahsaint says:

      Right? I love Rihanna and all but I appreciate class. I do not consider what she wore as anything more than a transparent sheet. Blake needs more recognition. Let’s see if she wins next year.

  3. cutestcouturecutie says:

    I love this post ! Although I was also on Team Blair and nothing can compete with Blair’s style on the show I have to say Blake’s style is amazing ! and its true besides the gg fans Blake doesn’t get enough attention !


  4. Julia says:

    Amazing looks/photos you have chosen. I am not a big fan of Blake, but she knows how to dress appropriately and flawless. Love her in any dresses.

  5. My Fashion S/ash Life says:

    What i love about Blake is she is able to balance being adventurous and chic! Although she wears structured gowns, she makes them stand out by experimenting with embellishment, patterns, bold colours, diagonal cuts etc. I also love the way she looks so healthy all the time. She is slim, but radiates that L.A glow!

  6. Kim Thomas (@KPFUSION) says:

    Blake is definitely one of my style heroes. I love the fact that she styles herself, and in all her years, I’ve yet to see her have a bad red carpet moment. She really gets the power of fashion-the girl is fierce!

  7. tmar94 says:

    Hi Tarah!! Blake is so hot. Her style is so sleek. Her stylist does a good job.
    STYLE ALERT: Have you seen Kylie Jenner and Anna Sophie Rob? I really dig their styles.

    • tarahsaint says:

      Hey, boo!

      Yes, Kylie is DEFINITELY up there!!! However, the “less is more” mantra doesn’t mean much to her so I won’t cover her look. Also, I feel she dresses older than her age…she’s only 15 going on 16 if she isn’t anymore! I appreciate classiness found in young girls like Zendaya who knows how to show just enough and still be a fashion threat. I do love the Kardashian’s stylist Monica Rose, though. I follow her on IG 🙂

      As for Anna, I absolutely love her! But that’s because I was addicted to her show lol I have to check out her personal style. She just might be next on “Who Adorns Her”!

      • tmar94 says:

        Yes, I can agree with you, that Kylie’s age does not match her style. Also, her makeup is a little much for a 15- year- old, but I love it all, just the same.

        I’ll have to check out Monica Rose, because, yes Kim can dress, for real.

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