Can’t Be Tamed


I can’t be t a m e d. It’s fitting, huh? Since I’m looking tribal and all that?  Not only that, but last weekend I showed my followers on Instagram that I hacked off my hair!!! Click here for my declaration.

It was liberating cutting it all off – I guess you can call me scissor happy haha. I used to be in love with my hair. It literally defined me. And I really do miss the long locks but thank God that it grows fast! I’m really not accustomed to short hair but I’m working with it. Let’s see how long I can go before straightening it! It’s a lot of work maintaining these wild curls but I shouldn’t be complaining because my family takes care of it for me…womp.

I used to have a perm (a product that makes my hair pin straight) but my hair started to get thin because of constant application. What also played a huge part is the fact that I didn’t care for my hair as well as I should have when spending a summer in GA. I would go the pool (chlorine is damaging) all the time and didn’t wash it completely out. On top of that, one day I went to go get some highlights because I wanted a new look. Instead of getting highlights, the ladies practically dyed my WHOLE head. Shaking. My. Head. I dealt with it. And, I learned to love it. However, although it wasn’t completely my fault, that wasn’t a smart move. I’ve been wearing extensions in order to transition until I cut my straight ends off. So here I am! Au naturale. Oh, and for those who don’t know, “natural” in the Black community, is the term to explain that one uses no chemicals in their hair. This promotes healthy hair.

My blog will continue to be a style and fashion blog! I just wanted to explain to you something you may not understand.
bbq2 (1)





How do you like the cut? Have you had a bad experience that taught you to be wild in abandon? Leave comments below! Details on my outfit coming soon!

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33 thoughts on “Can’t Be Tamed

  1. sodonnamarie says:

    I love the print! It looks beautiful on you, and the gold cuff and bracelet are aHHHmazing! They really pull the look together.
    By the way, Welcome to #TeamNatural!!! haha! Keep up the good blog work! x

  2. Catie says:

    I just LOVE your style! It’s really refreshing and exciting! You look great in all that pink. I love the hair, too. I have very short, platinum hair and I think the frequent cuts are the only thing that prevent my hair from looking fried from all the bleach. Someday I’ll call it quits and go back to my natural color, but for now I’m really enjoying the blonde!

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