Dream Bigger


“We must dream so big that without the support that comes through favor with God and man, we could never accomplish what is in our hearts” – Jamie Buckingham

I read that line in an article from the Charisma magazine that my mom ripped out for me.

I’ve been complacent. I’ve gotten complacent with my spiritual life, with this blog, with life in general. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do because when you’re bored and you don’t know why…what do you do?

It’s not like I’m not happy, because I can be but lately, I’ve found that I have to rediscover my joy. Joy is different. It’s feeling content in all that’s going on. It’s being serene, at peace…it’s a never ending happy!

I’ve gotten lazy. I still pray but it’s not as fervent. I don’t read my Bible as often as I should. I talk to God but I’m losing that connection because I’m the one that’s been neglecting Him. I blog but I feel like I should splash some water on the page. In the past week, it’s been kinda dry with my lack of posting.

I’ve gotten discouraged because I want more. I’m not talking about the material things. I’m talking about my dreams. I just feel it’s taking forever to get there. I am impatient but I feel like God’s playing with me lol teaching me, “Wait, young grasshopper.” So I waited and I’m waiting but it’s like Jesus, please, I want to be big. I want my career in broadcasting to take place now. (Mind you, I’m only a junior in college.) I want to go to NYFW. I want my blog to flourish. I want to have sponsors without my asking. I want to fill this emptiness!!! I just want my future now.

I’ve always expressed passion about what I want to do with my future. But I never exactly shared the intricate details, which I think is perfectly fine for 3 reasons. 1. I believe in showing people, rather than tell them. 2. I, like many others, rather fail privately than publicly. And of course, 3. I just don’t want to seem cocky or conceited because…who likes that?

What is a problem is that I sorta kinda settled. I’ve always rewarded myself never settling. I despise how B’s look so I strive for my A’s. I do extra credit like it’s no one’s business. I had a radio internship this summer and I’m looking to do magazine and then television next. I’ll be Studying Abroad in France, God willing. And I’ve taken strides so that I could be a volunteer or intern for NYFW.

But but but. I’m thinking it over and I am sorta kinda settling. For example, why just volunteer if I can take a shot at getting a blogger’s pass for Fashion Week? Yes, everyone starts somewhere but doesn’t mean I can’t try everywhere. And, why not go for gold with the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards? I told myself that I was satisfied with being shortlisted and wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t win. Yes, that’s fine but why aren’t I pushing everyone to vote vote vote so I can go to London and receive my “Best International Fashion Blog w/ IFB” award?!

I do believe in myself but I think you guys have more hope in me than I do so thank you because your encouragement pushes me to do more, be more. Most importantly, my worth in God’s eyes makes me feel invincible. I am not naive but I do know that when I put my faith first and embrace my supporters, I can do anything. Watch me.

So from this post forward, I’m challenging you. I’m challenging you “to dream something so big that without God [it’s] bound to fail”. Same goes for me, too. I am reinventing myself. I will go harder for my dreams and be public about it.

I will continue to post the content that you guys need to hear and see.

I will now dream so big that when I make it, I know that it was God and the support of you all! (Yes, work for your dream and claim it.)

And most importantly, I will align my eyes on the Creator of all Dreams. Starting…now!

What are your dreams? What’s stopping you from going after it?

Photo by: Sara Morini

Article inspiration: God’s Favor Factor by Stephen Strang 

7 thoughts on “Dream Bigger

  1. That Paki Boy says:

    Reblogged this on That Paki Blog and commented:
    Its what I sometimes go through too. But i think the point is to not give up, and not be overwhelmed by the things that come by. Don’t lose your head and stay humble and try to be modest

  2. sodonnamarie says:

    This post spoke to my soul! I have been feeling the same way lately. I want to go to fashion week. I want to attend blogger conventions and meet new exciting people. I want my blog to reach its best and fullest potential. I want to put forth all of my creative projects. I want to do something different with my life, something major, and most importantly, something for me. At first I was beating myself up (like a true perfectionist), then I questioned myself, and then came the thoughts of quitting (blogging, my job, etc.) I have just been feeling like I haven’t made any progress and I will never make any progress in certain aspects of my life (blogging included).

    And now that you posted this, it made me realize that I have only been wanting or lusting after things instead of asking for it or just simply being patient with God. This definitely opened my eyes and inspired me to communicate with him better, and not just when I want something, but to just thank him for what he has done.

    • tarahsaint says:

      AMEN! Thanks for your thoughtful response. I love quality comments and ones that edify. I’m so glad this post spoke to you, love because it was speaking to me as I was typing it all out. Stay encouraged. Thanks for reading…I support you!!! God bless.

      • sodonnamarie says:

        Thank you so much for encouraging me and supporting my blog! I really hope you win the Cosmo Award. You deserve it. I’ll continue to vote and root for you.

        Keep working hard. It’ll all pay off in the end! Bless 🙂 x

  3. Munachi says:

    I didn’t know how complacent I was being until I read this post. I’ve been so off of my game lately especially with my blog. Rather than spending weekends writing posts for the week and catching up on emails and social media I’ve been sleeping in till noon and lazyibf around my house just hoping for everything to turn out right. I want to be the best I can be and accomplish so much but it all takes time and I am incredibly impatient. I have dreams and hopes but I feel the more I have to wait the less likely I am to succeed which is incredibly inaccurate because when God tells me to wait I know it’s because he has something bigger and better for me down the road. Why is patience without complacency so difficult?! I know I should put my trust in Him but continue to strive and work towards my goal but I feel like I’m going in circules, if not backwards. Luckily I’ve just achieved the first step. Reading this post has sparked something in me to make a change to live life differently. Capture my joy and ride it to the end of the road until I’m completely satisfied with my goals that I’ve reached. Thanks for such a great post!


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