Off to Emerald City


June 12th. That’s the day my bf and I hit one year. It’s also the day that I should’ve had this post up!

That night, he took me to this intimate restaurant that filled me up to the point where I thought I would never eat again. If you know me, you know I love food. But it wasn’t just the food that was amazing, I found it unbearably sweet how he planned everything out. I was seriously touched and was blushing the whole night. We took a walk around that perfect little town, and then park – all I could think about how gold accented heels made me Dorothy and I was on my way to an even better future that I could ever imagine.

I got a few stares that night. At first, I thought it was because we were the only Black people in the room haha. But after we left the restaurant, a group of ladies approached us, gushing over our outfits. Yes, my bf dresses up too! What was the center of attention was this emerald semi-midi skirt. Click here and here for the images of us! Outfit details below!anni8anni1 anni2anni7  anni10anni13 anni15 anni16 anni20 anni21 anninew

“Quimby” Sunnies – Warby Parker

Earrings – ModCloth

Necklace – Windsor

Top – Forever 21

Skirt – Chic Wish

Shoes – Similar

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13 thoughts on “Off to Emerald City

  1. aprettythought says:

    ” At first i thought it was because im black”, hahahahha I think that too! or that people are staring at me because me and my BF are so young and in some fancy smancy resteraunt. lol

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