Clothes: to Sell, or to Donate?


I am not a hoarder.

As I outgrew my clothes and my style evolutionized, I gave them away.  Yup, year by year. Sometimes even seasonally. I honestly don’t even know how my clothes accumulated – I barely shop! (No, seriously, it’s true). 

I have 2 younger sisters so of course, I would ask them which items they wanted out of my closet before I handed them over to my mother to donate. For hours, I would dig and dig and dig. Dig through my closets, my dressers, my bins. It usually took 2 hours or 3 since I would usually get lazy and sit back amongst the piles of clothes, wondering how in the heck I would categorize them and all that. 

Recently, I went thrifting. I didn’t know that it (meaning, thrifting) existed until my senior year of high school. Yup, 2012. And I had an amazing experience. Of course I heard of Goodwill and Salvation Army but honestly, dumb little me thought it was for the poor. I mean, that’s what it used to be for… right?

But anyway, I went thrifting and after I made my purchases (I had some great finds, I must say), I discovered that selling clothes to thrift stores was an option! I also learned that fact in 2012 lol but it just rang brand new to me yesterday. Maybe it’s because I’m always looking for ways to make money these days, who knows.The pretty blonde next to me with the huge sack of clothes inspired me. I would go home and find some items to sell. So, I did. 

My room looked h o r r e n d o u s. No, seriously. Apparel was spewed everywhere. I was the tornado wreaking havoc and my clothes stood no chance against me. As I was “packing”, my mother came by and asked what I was doing. I replied with a simple, “selling my clothes”. She chuckled and actually let me be. Surprised, I continued with my duties for a few more hours. Satisfied with what I rummaged up, I went to my family, asking if they too had items they wanted to sell. My youngest sister, Shermine, came to me with two items she didn’t want anymore: a winter vest and a never worn before collared shirt. My mom witnessed the exchange and immediately told me I would not be giving the items away. Without hesitation, I gave her Shermine’s shirt. I held onto the vest, though. It was a hand me down of mine and I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal because I mean…it was mine. We didn’t argue over it, guys. She just said that someone in need would love that vest that we were so quick to sell. 

That’s when I knew I had a blog post in the works. Clothes. To sell, or to donate? I was a bit torn. Not about giving up the vest to donate, but because I had to reevaluate if selling my clothes was selfish or not. I tried to rationalize. I’ve been donating my whole entire life. What’s the big whoop with selling them for once? I never considered donating what I had as such a humanitarian action but now I have a medium sized bag in the corner of my room, full with apparel with no direct place to go…yet.

I’m leaning towards selling them, honestly. But here are my questions to you, Adorners: how do you get rid of your clothes? Has donating them been an option? Have you ever wrestled between donating and selling them?

Doing the right thing for others vs doing the right thing for yourself. When I put it that way, it sounds easy, huh?

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Oh & I do not own this photo! I just edited it.

18 thoughts on “Clothes: to Sell, or to Donate?

  1. Rei Fujita says:

    I would try to sell whatever I can, and other things left over I would donate, so I guess kind of both? Especially if some items are in good condition and they’re worth a good amount I would prefer to sell them!

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