cind4Thank You, Jesus!!! That’s what this day was about. Every August, my church celebrates our “Moisson” which basically is a spiritual Thanksgiving. 

It’s a time we especially give our very best to God in thanks of His love and expectancy of His continual blessings. Everyone dresses up and tons of members and artists from the tri-state area and even afar attend. We spend the day at church, worshiping and at the very end, we have this grand feast! Yes…F O O D. Nom nom nom. 

The “top” I’m wearing is actually a dress. I had it since I was like…15! I found it in the back of my closet when I was looking for the perfect top to wear with this oh so flamboyant skirt from Windsor Fashions. I received plenty of compliments – my younger cousins were calling me “Cinderella this and Cinderella that”! My yellow sandals added vibrance to my look, completing exactly what I was going for. My accessories are from Material Girl but my earrings are from J.Crew. I won them at a giveaway A Lovely Side Project held!cind3cind6 cind7 cind8 cind9cind11cind13cind16cind18 cind19

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