ESSENCE Kicks Off Fashion Week w/ Street Style Block Party!


Whoa. I’m so sorry, guys. I haven’t posted all week! You must hate me.

You don’t? Aw, I love you, too, guys!

I’ve been super busy with school starting up again (I’m graduating college next year!!!) and there’s just been so many things going on. One of those things was having the opportunity to attend ESSENCE Street Style Party as a part of their team!!! The event was open to the public but I got to get hands on experience with not only just fashion but the magazine industry. I love behind-the-scenes things! You know I was excited. 1110

ESSENCE kicked off fashion week by joining the community to celebrate Street Style. The event was held on Sunday, September 7th from 12-5 in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Before I go into detail about the event, let me tell you how little ol me boarded the train from Princeton to New York all by myself! My hometown is close to New York so whenever I go, my parents drive. This time around, I was at school so I was on my own. Me. On my own. The night before I fell asleep at 3 am just to wake up at 6 am to give myself enough time to prepare myself to get lost! I did have faith in myself but I was just being prepared, guys. The call time for the staff was 11 am and I wanted ample amount of time to get there just in case I was led astray for some odd reason which would totally happen because hey, I’m me. The mere thought of being late for any reason at all makes me shudder.

So yeah, I woke up at 6 am. I got ready in about 20 minutes. I quadruple checked that I had everything ready and finally, I woke up my roommate to drop me at the train station around 8 am. I bought my round trip ticket and boarded the train. I approached a kind, older woman in a camel coat and Chanel shoes. Call me ignorant, but I figured I wouldn’t get mugged by a little lady with good taste. I really just needed someone I could ask questions. The woman was super nice (like seriously) and warmed up to me so easily. We talked about her job at Saks 5th Avenue, my job at DSW and designers like Sergio Rossi. Fast forward to the part where the lady gave me her brand new Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner! I definitely asked, “Are you rich?” She laughed and said “No, I figured if I work at a place like Saks, I should have the essentials of representing them well.” I nodded as I told her I prayed that I would find someone with a good heart (and direction!) on the train. She smiled, wishing me much success and assuring me that God always listens. We baded each other farewell.

I had the directions to the location on paper and screenshots on my phone but my eyes started to water when I discovered I would be taking the subway, not the bus. No, my eyes started to water when two different people told me different locations as to where the subway was located in general. I desperately tried not to appear lost so no one would take advantage of me. I had no clue where to get my own metro card (I thought I would be paying cash at the door) and when I did find the booth (because I asked these cops-looking men for REAL directions), I didn’t know what direction the actual subway was!

But whatever. Not only did I ride the subway, I walked the rest of the way to my location! And I arrived 20 minutes early. I thanked God and was able to relax for the rest of my day.

Upon arrival, I was given this super cute “ESSENCE Street Style Team” tee. I wore printed pants and heels because I knew that since I would be looking basic on top, I would need some funkiness at the bottom!


The extravaganza was kept alive at all times by the bustle of the excited attendees, DJs, clothing and jewelry vendors and ESSENCE staff. It was a really grand event. Sponsors Shea Moisture and Chevrolet were there – Shea Moisture was providing massages, hair products and face painting for the little ones and guests could have their own photo shoots with Chevrolet. Artists such as Ron Bass and former Project Runway contestant were present; their aesthetic being inspiration to designing a custom car.


Jazmine Sullivan performed and honoree Tracee Ellis Ross and Vanessa Simmons made a special guest appearance! (Afterwards, I spotted June Ambrose and Jay Manuel!)

I invited fellow bloggers Simone from Prime Butterfly (all photos are by her!) and LST; we met up for the very first time! I even got to meet up with young mogul, Talia Pepe,  who is something like a mentor – I absolutely love her! Yes yes, networking is a must.


IMG_2744IMG_2653I had an eventful day and was so honored to be a part of the ESSENCE team. The staff is truly warming and they always made me feel at ease. Their gentle spirits made me want to please them even more! I look forward to more opportunities like this one in the future!

P.S: I styled my friend Malissa for the event and she got featured! Check out her look as well as many others here!


16 thoughts on “ESSENCE Kicks Off Fashion Week w/ Street Style Block Party!

  1. shehastheeye says:

    You looked absolutely gorgeous at the event and I’m happy you didn’t get lost,trying to find your way around New York sounds so intimidating.

  2. tianna says:

    cute outfit! I prefer street style to high fashion. high fashion always looks bizarre to me. sometimes it can be inspiring, but most of the time I just feel like “WTF is that?” lol.

    • tarahsaint says:

      Haha I feel ya. I like street style in terms of photography. I feel that it’s unrestrictive. But I mean the same can apply to high fashion. I can appreciate bizarre but to certain extents lol regardless, it’s art!

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