The Whirlwind Weeks

cosvid2October has been a whirlwind. A hurricane. A freakin cylone.

I wanted to catch you all up in the easiest way I could… which is why I am sharing with you photos on photos on photos, as well as brief descriptions of what I did, where I went, who I was with…You know, that type of thing. I’ve been off hilter since the trip with when it comes to my school work, blog work…I’m just now getting into the swing of things!

Here are the photos composed from Instagram, Facebook and blog posts from my impromptu trip to London for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

The awards ceremony was at the trendy OXO Tower that overlooked the Thames River, London Eye and St. Patrick’s (or was it St. Paul’s?) Cathedral. The view was amazing.nrm_1412776405-071014-cosmo-blog-awards-093

Pictured here are some of the fabulous bloggers I got close with on my trip! (Left to Right: Sophie of IYaaSophie, Me, Lou of Style Me Curvy, Monica of Moth Loves, and Nic of Nics Nutrition. )

photo-3IMG_1319IMG_1317The stunning winner of the “Best International Fashion Blogger”. Louise is a plus size model and style blogger that raises awareness for all women to love all of their shapes! 071014-cosmo-blog-awards-621The absolute sweetest girl ever: Alina of The Fairytale Pretty Picture! I met her through my London friend, Monica…we got our nails done at the show. Yes, I said at!

There were many booth-like sections at the event: a place to do your hair by Remington, take selfies with Thomson, get your lashes with The London Dolls, and your nails done with IZ Beauty of London. There was even a Build-Your-Own-Cupcake thingy with Two Little Cats Bakery. And let me tell you, it was the best cupcake I’ve ever had…and I’m a cupcake enthusiast!

nrm_1412781227-cosmo-blog-awards-2(Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan UK.)

IMG_1304(Photo courtesy of Style Me Curvy)

Oh, and there were every type of drinks everywhere…and free, all night long.

nrm_1412781354-071014-cosmo-blog-awards-709We all left with huge goodie bags from Cosmopolitan UK! There’s a peek of what was inside!

Okay, now onto day three! (Day 1 was horrid, btw. It was raining, it took me forever to find an app to contact my family at home and I found out I had the wrong currency. WOMP.)

I met up with my friend from school, Darin, who’s currently studying abroad in England’s St. Mary’s. He took me to Victoria where we had brunch, toured a little, visited vendors and shopped at TopShop and Zara!

Thankfully, he understands my blogger needs and has an artistic eye – he took all my photos for that day! 🙂

10151303_10203816258825249_1965226583120897510_n1959499_10203816254065130_8214763820883240308_n10414888_10203816265505416_874863351476565100_n1381961_10203816256545192_4819320406841501605_n 10394462_10203816256025179_3224273351504531561_n1782007_10203816258585243_3101566884562779_n      10414655_10203816258025229_1863085658534613759_n 10672235_10203816262105331_2910261403882056094_n10687140_10203816252465090_5748843995557983765_n10559894_10203816253225109_9159799753687937934_n You know I had to take the typical London tourist picture at booth before I headed back to my hotel!

Last moment inside the London Westminster DoubleTree Hotel:10704162_10203816249505016_4329522613204500308_n My beautiful view:

10665052_10203816263985378_7600563566332608550_n That’s it, adorners! Thank you all so much for your votes!  I just had to reiterate how much I’m grateful for you all…The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards with Next 2014 had over 46,000 entries and on top of that, 37,000 more votes. Crazy, huh? I can’t wait to see where God brings this blog next.

10653308_10203816262985353_8199768263370291109_nPS: If you haven’t watched my first vlog, click here.

40 thoughts on “The Whirlwind Weeks

  1. sarahaprilbergen says:

    I don’t know if you remember me, but I sat behind you in Communication Theory with Dr. Howard a couple of semesters back. Matthew Kolbusz showed me your blog over the summer, and I bookmarked it. I just happen to come across the bookmark tonight, and as soon as I saw the first photo in this post, my heart stopped. I knew it was London. I studied abroad in London over the summer, and I left my heart there. It is such an amazing city and it looks like you are having the time of your life. Enjoy it! You are such a beautiful woman.

    • tarahsaint says:

      I totally remember you, Sarah! You were always so sweet, Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate your comment and looking forward to our new blogging relationship haha! ❤

  2. Mish L. says:

    Can I just be honest and say that YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL… I love how shiny and volume it is.. gah.. Tell me your secrets to get that hair to look flawless!

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