Introducing Beauty…


Call it vain, but I have a sincere appreciation for beautiful people. Yes yes, the kind that is inside… but right now, I’m talking about the kind that’s outside!

I had to introduce you to Beauty herself (no, that’s not her name). Meet Kristina Pimenova – the “Most Beautiful Girl in the World”. At least, that’s what magazines have been dubbing her.

Pimenova is a 9 year old supermodel from Russia. She’s been modeling since age 3 and has appeared in campaigns for huge names such as Roberto Cavalli, Benetton, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. The modeling sensation has over 398,000 followers on Instagram and over 2 million Facebook likes. Her online presence on social media is managed by her mother, Glikeriya Pimenova.

So why am I posting about Kristina?

This adorable little girl has been getting plenty of attention – positive and negative. Of course, that’s to be expected but the negative comments are kind of…pervy.

Under multiple photos, grown men can be found commenting “hot”, “sexy legs”, “marry me”, “I think I’m in love” and other disturbing sexual overtones that I won’t be posting here. It’s disgusting.

Other comments made by men have “themes of enchantment” such as “what sorcery is this?” Yes, it sounds like a joke. But an article by Yahoo points out that these particular comments are a bit “too reminiscent” of terms utilized in the “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov – a novel about a horrifying sexual relationship with a young girl and how the grown man can’t help Lolita’s “magical charms”.

Again, disgusting.

And then, I see comments from women claiming they are “jealous” and I’m just like, “okay…she’s the child but seems like you’ve got some growing up to do.”

My main issue is with these men. However, articles I came across have the initial issue with her mother. They find that the problem is that this little girl is being depicted as a grown woman by her mother (and the fashion labels that hold the photo shoots). I find that the problem is that the little girl is being depicted as a grown woman by the public.

Kristina’s mother has been accused of sexualizing her child by posting “provocative” and “adult poses”. Mind you, the little girl is just wearing a pair of shorts! (She was outside on a sunny day, by the way.) And in the other photo, she’s crossing her legs on her bed in a pair of shorts…again. Glikeriya Pimenova claims that the shots of her daughter in shorts were fine until our “Western media” pointed it out and looked down on it. She argues that her posts of her child are innocent and of course, refuses to condone these accusations about the “sexualization” of her child.

The media’s blatant disapproval of Kristina’s “model off duty” looks are plain ridiculous. As a child, I never wore short shorts because my mother didn’t approve. She’s gotten more lenient now, I used to wish I could wear them when I was younger. But my godsister wears the same booty shorts and at Kristina’s age, at that. Yes, she has long legs, too… but, regardless of size proportion, I see plenty of young girls doing the same thing! Why is it such a problem with Kristina? Why is it like more men are preying on the young girl?

Honestly, it’s because we provide a platform for sick-minded people to do so. Everyone has a voice anywhere, everywhere.

It’s not a new thing – for a child model to walk the runway and appear in ads. There are laws created to shield child models from the brutal aspects of the fashion industry, but there should be some to protect children like Kristina from the public! (Improbable? Yes.)

The public is making her popular (unfortunately, these grown men play a role). The media is literally adoring her. And fans are marveling at the young beauty, pointing out that she was born just two days after Christmas, implying that Kristina is an angel.

An article “Cute or Creepy?” argues that indeed Kristina is undeniably cute, but her photos are creepy. The news personalities feel “sorry” for her and think her mother should allow her to behave as a child. Others deem it sad that the mother has “molded” her daughter to be a “wax-like” figure for the public to idolize.

Personally, I wish Kristina wasn’t dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” for the sake of little girls and their self esteem but that should be the only issue here. Kristina’s self worth as well as other girls her age. Grown men should not be a factor – commenting under her photos (I’m seriously praying for them) and her mother shouldn’t be accused because she proudly shares her daughter’s looks and life with the world.

But what do you think, Adorners? I’m sure we all agree that the child is beautiful. But do you agree with the media and think Pimenova is sexualizing her daughter? Or do you side with her mother?

Photo Source: Instagram

Check out these sources for more.

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38 thoughts on “Introducing Beauty…

  1. atthemapletable says:

    She’s a beautiful little girl. People are always going to say something is wrong,..her shorts are to short…but if she had shorts that went to her knees…they’d say her shorts are too long…you can’t win with some people.

  2. Mish L. says:

    I feel like people are losing the identity by changing themselves. Such as plastic surgery which is common around Asian countries. South Korea, I believe when you visit in the popular cities like Gangnam. It’s filled with plastic surgery fliers that make others feel like they need it. Especially popular bands and singers have gone under the knife to make them look “ideal.” It’s interesting how in Asia, they want to have pale skin and smaller face with a V-jawline. But in America, people want tan skin, big bottoms and big breast.. I’m not saying it’s true but from what people stereotype about the country. It doesn’t go for just that country, but you know. It’s a big difference honestly. I feel like people need to understand the beauty when they look at themselves. Don’t bother worrying so much of their look and style… I’ve been giving up makeup for a while and it’s a struggle. I would always look down because lack of confidence on myself.. But I slowly start to not notice my fears and began looking up. A lot of people have different stories about themselves, it’s nice to understand and learn from it.

  3. Farrah says:

    She’s absolutely gorgeous! :] I love the color of her eyes! It’s really disheartening how inappropriate people are being with their comments on her though. :[

  4. Julie says:

    She’s a really beautiful little girl but I don’t think I could ever let my daughter be a model because there are a lot of weirdos out there and that’s just bringing too much attention to her. I just hope she is able to actually have a real childhood too

  5. savagegem says:

    As I was reading this article I knew straight away what images you were referring to as we actually had a lecture at Uni about the image of her laying on the a tiger sofa with diamond ring, high heels and done hair, its easy to see how she could be mistaken for a 17 year old however in the images shown here I just see a girl, yes a beautiful girl but a girl none the less. And doesn’t this all say something about our idea of beauty as a whole… that we idealise the body we had a teen. I believe if she wants to be a model fair enough but the issue is with other people not the little girl who is probably just enjoying dressing up.

  6. judy maharrey says:

    I think this is sad. What kind of life is this for her? She never gets to be a little girl. I think she is going to have a lot of issues in her tween years.

  7. DEBRA GIFFORD says:

    She is a beautiful child and when I was younger, I used to think it was cute and okay for little girls to enter beauty pageants and to model but after what happened to Jon Benet’ and with all of the perverts out in the world, I feel differently. A lot differently! I don’t think it”s in the best interest of the little girl.

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