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Hey Adorners!

I’m back this time with a style board! Joanna, a ModStylist at ModCloth, reached out to me to see if I would join their Holiday Sweater Party by creating a look around one of their featured holiday sweater of the week using all of their accessories. (They have super cool finds, by the way!)

The sweater was a cute, comfy one with a polar bear on it. I wanted to dress up the look (you know me) so I turned the sweater around to style it backwards. People would be surprised to see how fun the look is from the back! Next, I searched the site and found THE cutest color block shoes! I was then inspired to find a skirt that would compliment it. I rather skirts than pants – you know that! So, I added a full, wine-colored skirt to bring some color into the outfit. I like that it’s not the typical red. The burgundy still keeps it festive! As for the accessories, I knew that I definitely needed colors that would pop. The dark blue, gray, and burgundy would look too plain without some random bursts of color. I found a dainty emerald necklace and a pair of glam, fuchsia and emerald earrings (that are the same shape of the designs on the skirt!)

Thanks for the challenge, ModCloth! It was cool styling the sweater to how I would adorn it!

Check out their site for the ModCloth gift guide for some good ideas for stocking stuffers 🙂 It’s my first time doing a style board, Adorners! Whataya think?

* All items from ModCloth

Shop: SweatersWine SkirtShoes, Necklace, Earrings 

19 thoughts on “Mad About Mod

  1. Mai Tran says:

    Your board is lovely, lady. I’ve known ModCloth for a long time with gorgeous outfit. I’m currently obsessed with their Envisioning the Evening Dress, it’s amazing. Check it out!

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