Bloom Where You Are Planted


Let’s begin with the outfit deets, shall we?

My accessories were a gift (thanks Domonique)! But everything else I have on are old finds I got from home. My floral lace top is actually a dress! I wore it as a shirt because it shrunk in my dryer (Yes, the tag did say it should be dry cleaned but I wanted to wear it!) The pink leather pants are by far the greatest thrift find I’ve ever had! I saw them and knew I had to have them because I mean, who could say no to pink leather pants?

I wore this pastel look to the National Press Club and later to their State of the Union Watch Party. I actually took these photos at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial with my friend Casey!

How’d I get there? Well, I told ya in my last post that my seminars will be all over DC and we have to get to each place on our own! It was my worst fear when coming to DC…knowing I would have to take public transportation. No, not because it’s public transportation but because getting from place to place on my own isn’t really my strong suit. I’ve always had a ride to wherever I needed to go so I didn’t even get my license until last fall. Yes, at the age of 20! Plus, I don’t know much about buses and trains – I took my very first train ride my freshman year of college!

But I did it and I’ve been doing it. It brings me deep joy to be able to say that I understand the DC metro system and can navigate for once! Not only that, I actually have to cook for myself. Or else, I’ll die haha. Point of the matter is, I’m growing up! Life is continually teaching me lessons wherever I go and it feels good to b l o o m.


Photos by Casey Mendoza

34 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are Planted

  1. Nate Middleton says:

    Wow your outfit is so amazing!! I actually loved the title of the post on its own! I could def see that as a IG post! lol love that you are able to share your growth process with us !

    – Nate

  2. ModernDayKay says:

    Ah! This look! you pulled off the solid color look girl flawlessly. Love the leather with floral crochet-esque top and the pumps *thumbs up*. Man you make me wish I was back in DC interning, I was in The Fund for American Studies IPJ Program in 2013 and loved exploring DC. Have fun! (new reader)

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