DC Fashion Week Events!


Wherever you are, find out what your niche is doing and partake in the festivities! I spent a couple hours scrounging for fashion events in DC and found that they have their very own Fashion Week. I got to participate in the Macy’s event with June Ambrose, Johnetta Boone and Tai Beauchamp! (I posted about here.) And there were plenty events I discovered! Since I’m juggling seminars and my internship, I figured three more back to back wouldn’t do me that much damage. Boy, was I wrong! After the hectic week, I was exhausted and stayed in my apartment the whole weekend to recuperate! Imagine what it’s like for NYFW with fashion influencers going to shows back to back. Shudders.

I’d still love that, though. Haha.

The events I attended last week was the opening night of DC Fashion Week on H Street, a fashion networking party at Dirty Martini and a Katwalk to Carnival hosted by Paul Wharton!

First up, DC Fashion Week Opening Night at historic H Street. I attended on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 @ 6 PM to 9 PM. It was an adventure getting there! My friend, Isaura, and I braved heavy winds, random snowfall, slippery sidewalks and streets and me almost ripping my tights I just bought that morning. No worries, I didn’t rip them until after the show. Shaking my head.

WashingtonDC_058WashingtonDC_052 WashingtonDC_053

Oh, I don’t watch Empire, but one of their actors performed at the show.


The next photo was taken by Phelan Marc. The designer is Larry Easley and he calls it “The Magic Carpet” dress. The model that brought one of my favorite looks to life is the beautiful Isabel Syers who I had the pleasure of networking with, as well! She’s Christian, too 😉 haha


While there, I also met the beautiful Jasmin of Jasmin Daily! Upon arriving to DC, I researched style blogs and hers was one that I found! It was great seeing someone I followed online. We exchanged cards and met again the next day at Dirty Martini. Yay! Check out her lovely blog!


The next day was the Fashion Industry Networking Party featuring a Jewelry & Accessory Fashion Show from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Dirty Martini. It’s one of the biggest fashion industry mixer in DC with a special jewelry and accessory fashion show.

I met several people and got several cards. Thank God I ordered these bad boys and they were a hit!



IMG_1204 IMG_1206 IMG_1398

Friday night, I went to a fashion show hosted by Paul Wharton! My friends and I actually rode up the elavator with him lol.

FullSizeRender (9)IMG_1266IMG_1260

I also got to meet Miss Angola! Here’s a photo her rep, Will Roberts, shared with me.

htp (18 of 26)

I wish I could share videos with you all but I have to figure out how that works. DCFW was pretty cool!

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