Washington Semester Recap Part 3

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Can you believe it’s already been two weeks since my last WSP post? Here I am again reporting back to all you beautiful people of what I’ve been up to in DC!

SB: I’m on Spring Break right now!

Oh and one more thing: I honestly can’t remember the order of when we did what and where we went when lol so bare with me 😉

I’ll start off with the Supreme Court!

My class and I headed over to the SC for breakfast first. I got a huge pancake with cinnamon coated apples and syrup. YUM. Then we attended a hearing (we got to skip the long line and head straight in, too.) I could pretend like I understood what the judges were talking about but I didn’t so I won’t haha. It was something about attorneys and fees. Blah blah.

It was awesome seeing the grand ol’ place. Don’t you think my baroque top fits in with the place perfectly?

IMG_1755FullSizeRender (15)

Here we are back at the National Press Club for another lecture! We drink water out of fancy glasses lol, ya like?

Jack Torryo spoke to us about leads, sources and deadline writing.


We were supposed to head over to the Pulitzer Center last week but the trip got postponed due to inclement weather. Womp. However, we did go went to see the super successful Doug Harbrecht from Kiplinger Magazine who spoke about transitioning legacy media to online media. I asked him about whether or not he thought students should go to grad school right after college and he gave me a thorough response that definitely got me thinking. Basically his answer was yes.

Thing is, earlier that week, my class and I had a Skype meeting with Jordyn Rolling (of Mark at the Movies). She’s gorgeous, motivated and talented – and had the opportunity to attend the Sundance Film Festival on behalf of the show, as well as interview people like Will Smith! And she’s only 21! But anyway, I asked her  what she thought about it and she explained that what matters in our field is experience (like internships and all that) and that I could go back to school later. I’m super divided right now so I just have to pray on it and see what’s revealed to me!

As for internship news, my fellow coworker (is that what you call someone who interns with you?) and I were in the mood for Cuban food so we headed to Sophie’s. A nearby restaurant with amazing food. Like seriously, ahhhhmayyyzing! They had cool decor, too!

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