Washington Semester Recap Part 4


I’ve explored so many places these 2 weeks! BuzzFeed, Bloomberg and Social Driver are among the spots we’ve hit first! Read on for more details and the places I’ve gone on my spare time! Ah, DC living.

Coming back from Spring Break, we began the week with an informative workshop in how to use Adobe by my good friend Casey Mendoza! Later that afternoon, we heard from J.J. Green, who covers intelligence issues for WTOP radio. Very, very interesting man.

The next day, we headed to Bloomberg! Yes, Bloomberg as in former mayor Bloomberg of New York – Bloomberg. It was an impressive building! Upon arrival, we had to check in and get our own name tags but get this: they had this little camera thing that took your picture and the id was formed right in front of your eyes! It was cool lol. Even though they spelled my name wrong. I’m Tarahn-Lynn now, guys. IMG_1959

Is it sad that my favorite part was the free snack bar? Nom nom nom.

IMG_1955 IMG_1960IMG_1961

We learned about the skills one needs to get a job in a place like Bloomberg (which is global).


After Bloomberg, a couple friends and I got some Starbucks and worked intently on a crossword puzzle lol. We later checked out a bookstore (which is where I bought GIRLBOSS) and then went out for gelattos at this quaint shop! It was super cute.



Next up, BuzzFeed! We spoke to Evan McMorris-Santoro, who covers the White House for BuzzFeed. So wherever Obama goes, he goes. He told us about his adventures and how BuzzFeed transformed from cute cats and listicles to be taken serious by top media outlets.


The week after we went back to The Washington Post and met with Emilio Garcia-Ruiz who spoke of digital operations. His talk motivated me to amp up my Twitter game.

After that, we went to the National Press Club and met with Pam Constable of The Washington Post. She’s been doing groundbreaking work in international correspondence.

That night, we attended The Kalb Report with CBS News legend Marvin Kalb. It’s basically a roundtable discussion that explores today’s issues.

Tuesday, we went to Social Driver! I enjoyed this place so much. Not only was it a trendy PR firm, but I just learned a lot from our speaker Brittany Floyd who spoke about specializing in social media.



Nando’s with my intern bud Isaura!



I also attended Busboys and Poets for the first time! If you guys don’t know, I do spoken word poetry. Check it out here!


To end the week, I went to this informative “Digital Storytelling Summit” at the National Press Club. It was very beneficial and oh so very relevant to us Millennials.

IMG_2164 IMG_2168   IMG_2189That’s it! Stay tuned for a style post! I’ll be posting Thursday. I can’t wait to share with you guys 🙂

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