Bridge Builder


Ah! The last look I shot in Washington. Casey and I ventured out to Georgetown and found this neat little bridge near the waterfront.

We thought it was the perfect spot because it was a seemingly secluded area and there were two other bridges people could walk across. To our surprise, people kept walking by our bridge! I wouldn’t stop when people stared but we did stop a lot when people were coming by. This one guy hilariously stooped near me for a photo! Casey just stared at him, unsure of what to do haha. I said, “let’s do it!” The mystery guy was like “Thanks for humoring me!”


Isaac Newton once said, “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Romans 14:19 says to “aim and eagerly pursue what makes for harmony and for mutual upbuilding (edification and development) of one another.”

Well, meeting new people in Washington made me realize that I’m a bridge builder!

There were different groups within the Washington Semester Program and so I initiated a lot of meet ups – whether it be with a speaker or a couple of friends in my class or even with people outside of my class! I found joy in bringing people together.

I never knew that about myself and now that I know, I’m going to be working even harder to do so in more situations. We’re all under construction, so build on your favorite aspects of yourself!

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Necklace: Tobi

Top & Bottom – Forever 21 (YES. FOREVER 21!)

Sandals – Gift from my friend, Malissa 🙂

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