Don’t Tell ‘Em


Got a secret, can you keep it? Yes, I noticed that I just quoted two songs in less than three lines. Yes, I am expecting you to know the reference. No, there’s no judgement here if you don’t! Hahaha

I think you’ve guessed the theme of today’s post, eh?


I’m not talking about stinky, dirty ones. That’s between you and God, shawty.

I’m talking about the ones you can share but you don’t. I’m talking about the ones that have you bubbling like a volcano ready to erupt with great news, insight or even your biggest dreams.

Everyone knows how it feels to keep a good secret. I think the best ones are the ones you know about yourself. It’s a powerful thing: keeping quiet.

In doing this (keeping quiet, that is), you avoid determent aka discouragement aka getting off track aka changing your dreams to appease someone’s expectation of you. 

When you have your mind set on something that only you (and maybe even your best friend) knows about, your zeal to achieve it is on another level. By keeping your secret dream/goal/vision to your self, you take more risks! You make bold decisions and it’s largely in part of the fact that no one knows what you’re planning to do with your life (aka what you and God are in cahoots about). Keep them guessing! They don’t have to know all about you. You don’t even know all about you!

In keeping quiet, you grow in confidence. 

I speak when I have something to say. I’m naturally a quiet person – a person that would rather observe. I just speak when I have something to say. I don’t talk just to talk. And that’s not a bad thing if you do, ladies and gents. My point here though is that when your quiet about your dreams, they turn into plans! You have time to work on yourself and it’s way easier for us because we aren’t in the public eye 😉 If you go around telling people you want to do this, this, and this, when oh when will you have time to show them? Keep your destination to yourself, let your moves speak for you.

In keeping quiet, you gain humility.

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing the untold story inside of you.” And MAN, is that true! It can be extremely hard revealing your secret. Angelou had child-bearing references in there, guys. CHILD-BEARING. You will share your secret…when your story already speaks for you! As mentioned, everyone doesn’t have to know what you’re doing. And honestly sharing your dreams can sometimes make you seem egotistic. Have you read the Joseph story? He told his brothers he had a dream he was to rule over them one day and they got sooooo jealous. Like, jealous to the point that they couldn’t even bear to see the guy anymore! So they sold him. I only related this topic to his story because his brothers’ reaction is a prime example of the emotions people have when you tell them things they aren’t ready to hear.

Lesson of this post (not Joseph’s story because things came out all right for him in the haha): keep it inside. Be gracious, be humble.

In keeping quiet, you create an element of surprise! It’s like heheheh I know something you don’t know…

Because you do.

You’ll be able to wow the doubters. You’ll even surprise yourself!

And, with that being said, I have exciting news for my amazing readers! But my lips are sealed for now. You just have to stay tuned…

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12 thoughts on “Don’t Tell ‘Em

  1. Tatum Murray says:

    I love this post. I think we all over share these days (I know I am guilty of it!). With social media, it is so easy to share every thought, dream, and goal we have. But you’re right! There is power in keeping quiet and working toward our dreams and goals without Instagraming every step of the way. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes secrets can be fun 😉

    • tarahsaint says:

      Thanks, Tatum! Awesome name, btw. You basically summarized my post in one lovely, chunky comment haha. Glad you got it and thanks so much for reading, love 🙂

  2. simplybysimone says:

    I love this post!! I never thought about keeping my next move to myself, I’m usually so excited that I’m talking about what’s going through my head. Definitely taking your advice in this on!

  3. Claire says:

    Great article ! People need to be reminded that it’s okay to stay mum for awhile, especially if it’s about YOUR life. Timing is everything ! 😉

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