Touch of Turquoise


I’ve been seeing each new day with fresh eyes and embracing change (even the ones I don’t want). I think turquoise is the perfect accent to illustrate that in an outfit, don’t cha think?

It’s such a happy color! In color psychology, it represents a clear and calm mind. The universal color has always had it’s appeal to me and I’ve been drawn to it more and more lately.

I discovered this awesome choker and bought that bad boy impulsively. I thought it was the perfect touch to a rather dark look. I had this jumpsuit for a couple of months but never wore it because I felt like it was missing something.

It’s the same thing with life. Sometimes we don’t enjoy it to the fullest because there’s a void there that seemingly can’t be filled. There’s that one piece that’s missing. Maybe you think you’d be happier if you’d have a boyfriend/girlfriend, if you got that job, if you got that car. But we’re not stuck in one place, guys. You can create your own twist on a mundane day! So work with that you have. God didn’t give you life for you to live ordinarily.

Like how you can live creatively, dress creatively! If you love wearing monochrome, spice it up with a color you didn’t start off with. I usually stay away from all black because it seems as if I can’t have fun with it but hey, black doesn’t have to be boring!

How can you add color to your life?


Jumpsuit – H&M, Cardigan & Choker: JCPenney, Earrings: Gifted By Cara! Shoes – Amazon Fashion, Clutch – DSW

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