AIA Welcomes Medgina’s Musings!


Hey Adorners!

Hope you all are feeling fabulous this lovely-ish Tuesday morning! For a while now, I had this idea. I was mulling it over for a few months and I decided oh yeah, I’m going to do this. Adorned in Armor, needs some newness, dontcha think?

AIA now has a monthly contributor – my spunky sister, Medgina!

I’m so excited to introduce you to her…she’s literally the funniest person I know and is wise beyond her years. No seriously, 20 year olds wanted to hang with her when she was only 14. So you will want to, too 😉

Medgina (pronounced like Regina with a M), Medge, Gina – or you can make up your own name for her lol will be posting once a month about anything she fancies – her musings. She’s an amazing writer and I wanted to expose her to my awesome audience!

So without further ado…welcome Medgina’s Musings!


Hello everyone! I’m Tarah’s younger sister, Medgina. You’ve probably seen my name a couple times on Tarah’s posts for makeup or photo credit. Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’m here and…(are you on the edge of your seat yet?) I’m going to be a contributor on Adorned In Armor! It will be a monthly post covering topics I care for and react to. So anytime you see this big ol logo, it’s me!


Writing has been a love of mine since I was a kid and honestly can’t find anything else that I’m more passionate about. I’m a pretty private person when it comes to my work but it’s important to share what you know.

MMIntro7Since I “always have something to say”, it seems that I should become a lawyer but with my attention span and desire to color outside the lines- it isn’t the right fit. Currently, I attend Stockton University with a Communication major and Writing Minor.

I love creative writing and the arts; I’m hoping to blend the two to bring to you all a fun new twist on what goes on in my head!

Much love,


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