Hey guys, didya miss me?

I see you all loved Medge’s post and I’m so glad you welcomed her! She has an army of friends that checked out her post and she’s overwhelmed by not just their support, but yours as well, so thank you!

Now onto this style post!


First things first, this “top” is actually a dress. A bodycon, really. I found that it left nothing to imagination so I decided to pair it up with this J Crew skirt. My shoes are MK, but you seen them before.

I wore this outfit (minus the shoes because I’m not insane) to my first day of my internship in New York at…


I’ve been keeping this from you since May (I’m sorry). I just wanted to wait until the first day to share! I should still be posting at least once a week, but bare with me if I don’t. I’m taking a summer class and working, as well.

Yeah, I know. This is going to be one crazy summer.

But I’m so excited, guys! My faith is teaching me that what’s for me, is for me. Worrying doesn’t change a thing. But praying on it, revelation and persistence does.

My cover letter, resume and writing samples were all like perfect, but I legit thought I bombed that interview, guys. LOL loong story (I think I’ll talk about it in a follow-up post). However, I refused to let it bother me. I refused to let circumstance dictate my victory.

Claim what’s yours! Suppress negativity and self doubt. There’s no room for that when you’re striving for a future you can be proud of.

I don’t know what quite to expect at Elle but I know for certain that it’ll be an amazing experience and another stepping stone for my future career. Oh yeah, it’s mine! 😉

intern1_0076intern1_0083intern1_0098intern1_0091 intern1_0099intern1_0077intern1_0080

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30 thoughts on “Territory

  1. Ruya says:

    Congrats on the internship! You’re so lucky!! and I’m in love with this outfit, purple is defiantly your color!


  2. Karen says:

    Oh I love fluted skirts but I’ve never seen one in such a pretty and bright purple! And I do the same thing all the time by turning dresses into half pieces! Congrats on Elle that is SO big!

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