Internship Look | ft JORD


Hi guys, remember how last summer I had the series titled, “Who Adorns Her?” If not, it was a feature where I highlighted the stylists of the best dressed celebrities.

This summer, I thought I’d share my own very personal favorites! I’ll be showcasing my internship style from traveling to and fro New York for my internship with ELLE. So onto internship look number one…

Here, I’m adorning this amazing wooden watch gifted from JORD! Yes, I said “wooden.” And yes I said “watch!” If you know me, I don’t even wear watches. I actually never heard about this company until they reached out to me. All of a sudden, I wanted to know all about JORD because of their perfect merchandise (no seriously)! I scoured their site for the watch that would most suit me and I narrowed it down to these two bad boys: the Cora and the Sidney. I ended up with the Sidney because it’s easier to pair with.JORDWATCH

You know how they’re different kinds of trees? Well, they have different types of watches! There’s maple, cherry, and all that good stuff. Their intricate and various designs are inspired by their sincere love of nature and modern taste. Not only do I love JORD’s fashionable, earth-friendly watches, but I love their mission, which is the belief that their watches tell more than time. I must say I agree.

Who knew wood could send a timeless and fashionable message? (Get the pun?)

I’m seriously fascinated by JORD‘s designs. They have products that feel exclusive – not everyone has it and I think I appreciate that aspect the most. I can guarantee compliments derived from just seeing the watch! Like seriously, it’s not the typical MK watch you see everywhere; it’s your very own sustainable and trendy item.

If you didn’t think such an invention could be created, look no further but their website and… the flick of my wrist hahaha. I hope you sang that aloud!


Dress – Missguided | Necklace – F21 | Watch – JORD | Shoes – ALDO

Photography by Medgina Saint-Elien & Domonique Boss

** All opinions are my own. Item gifted by JORD. ** 

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD

19 thoughts on “Internship Look | ft JORD

  1. Paulina Martin says:

    Hi girl! So I see you did a collab with JORD {love the post BTW}. I also see you are a fellow WordPress user. Did you use the invisible widget in your post? Or did they even require you to use any tracking widgets? Thanks in advance!!

    -Fellow HCBN Paulina 🙂

    PS I also FB messaged you, didn’t know what the quickest way to reach you was!

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