Hey guys, hey!

I’m here to share with you intern look number 3! I began this series to cover all things internships – from looks, to interviewing the pros, to capturing my days at ELLE.com through video! If you haven’t checked out my previous looks, be sure to do so here and here!

For my third look, I chose to do my favorite thing: wear different prints! I got this floral peplum top from ASOS and the stretchy gingham pants are from H&M. (SB: They’re absolutely perfect for being out and about)

My shoesies are F21. Yes, “shoesies.” That was not a typo lol. I know you probably think I’m crazy for wearing heels but I’m really not. I have no problem wearing short heels/sandals in the office and I was doing so for the majority of the summer. However, towards the end of my internship, I decided to pack my high heels in my bag and change into them when I reached the building. There are a whole bunch of comfy couch-like chairs that I could sit on to put these bad boys on. I’ve seen other women do the same haha. You can, too!

But yeah. I guess you can say nude shoes are an essential to perfect an intern look. Scratch that; it’s essential period! They match with pretty much everything.

Whataya think?

elleinternfloral2 elleinternfloral3 elleinternfloral4 elleinternfloral5 elleinternfloral6

Catch me if you can 😉

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