Internship Lookbook


Hey guys heyyyyyy!

So I’m all finished up with my internship! It was truly an honor being there. I met and networked with some awesome people and experienced some pretty special things. However, I think it’s the advice that I received and was able to share with you that was my favorite moment!

Now that my internship is over, it only makes sense to conclude my internship series with a bang!  I decided to switch things up some for my fifth and final look. I created an internship lookbook with all 5 styles!

Thank you, Domonique, for being so willing to help with my photos and videos and thanks to you all for your continuous support! I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed creating! To unlock the final look, please go check out that video. Please subscribe, like and comment!

Let’s see where God leads me next 😉

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14 thoughts on “Internship Lookbook

  1. No Rule, Just Style says:

    You are a truly a fashionista. Look number 3, 4, 5 proves that you can really play with patterns well. I loved the monochrome look for the last outfit. You already know I fell in love with look #3 (floral & gingham perfection) and look #4 (color block on top & print on the bottom).

    It was nice of you to share your experience at with us. Can’t wait to see where your next adventure leads. Loved the video! Enjoy the rest of your week! xx

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