School Update & SHEIN Collab


When you’re in class but you wish you were at fashion week…

Like seriously.

Yesterday was my first day of senior year! It baffles me to even say that, to be honest. Like…where. did. the. time. go?! I honestly haven’t the slightest clue.

I’m here posting from the comfort of my dorm and it’s the cutest setup; you must see! Oh! And my best friend (Claire) is my roommate πŸ™‚

I’ve been feeling so frazzled lately. It’s weird. After my internship, I’ve had many church engagements and I’ve just been working at ALDO like crazy to make some of the money I spent while commuting back and forth to the city *inserts crying emoji*.

Now that I’m at school, I’m trying to get my life and figure out how my posting schedule will be. I’ll be sure to let you know, but not before I share my latest look with you!

SheIn contacted me about working together and I was all in. Get it? Haha okay, I’m done with the corniness. Let’s talk of my selection…

I scoured the site for the item I would style and had so many tabs open because there were numerous pieces I wanted! Don’t act like you haven’t done the same!

In the end, I chose this super comfy dress and gold plated belt. Initially, I was just extremely attracted to the print and colors. But not only that, ClaireΒ was throwing a celebration for her father and theme was white and blue. I saw this dress and was like, “How clutch!”

sheinside_2033 sheinside_2035

When I received the dress, I was pleasantly surprised by the material. It had a stretch to it and was delicate and soft. It was an awesome find and definitely a crowd fav! I love how it’s a very simplistic dress that you can dress up or down.

sheinside_2080 sheinside_2044 sheinside_2060 shein_2056

I paired it with my ALDO shoes that you last saw here and my necklace and clutch from DSW.

Don’t you just love it when you find the perfect dress?


Have an awesome week everyone! And for those interested in Fashion Week coverage (but have class like me), click here to remain updated!

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