Back to School Glow

Goodbye vacation, it’s been fun but school is now in session!

I was emotionally and psychologically ready to go back to college. I have never felt more relaxed or enlightened tbh. This summer gave me time to realize what’s important and how to make positive improvements in my life. The biggest lesson was to not waste time waiting for change but to initiate the action.

Often when we get prepare to go return to school, we think of different hairstyles or workouts to have the perfect “glow up” (for some, the glow might be pending but be patient, your time will come).

The desire to change is something good, so embrace it! You don’t have to be afraid of a makeover since each day is an opportunity to become the most amazing version of yourself.

There’s an even more important piece in creating the “new you” and it’s letting go of what holds you down. There’s a song called “Suitcases” by Dara Maclean with the line, “You can’t run if you’re holding suitcases, It’s a new day…” I would sing this all the time without realizing that I should actually take the advice.

You can’t take a step forward if you hold on to grudges, painful relationships, insecurities etc. They don’t motivate you to do anything except remain in the same place. It’s draining to try so hard to be there for those who don’t care. When you reflect on times where you hurt – what does it do for you? Take those experiences, learn and allow them to influence you to thrive.

The baggage I often struggle with getting rid of are friendships that I want to work. I try so hard to be there for people and put myself through unnecessary emotional stress. Letting go doesn’t mean the love can’t be there – the friendship ran its course. Some things aren’t meant to be and there’s nothing wrong with you if it does not work out.

This year, try something fresh. Get active in school, whether it’s a club, sport or just be more social. When you learn to let go, you have more time to get to know who you are and what you aspire to be.

Wake up, shake out your backpack and appreciate the blessings you live every day. It’s a brand new school year, change it up!

Much love,

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