Fall Into…


Wow, I’m a college senior already!

I’m not even going to talk about where the time went or any of that stuff. Let’s just take it a day at a time, shall we?

So fall.

IT’S HERE AH! If you couldn’t tell, it’s my absolute favorite season. I’m a fall baby born on October 24 (woot woot!) It’s not too cold, not too hot. You can wear sandals but you could also wear long sleeves. It’s a season of paradox haha.


Fall isn’t just a season though. It’s not all about the leaves turning colors and eventually drifting to the ground. It’s not all about apple picking, pumpkin carving and transitional clothes. It’s about the transitioning of self.

You could argue that the changing of each season is the transitioning of self but fall represents the transitioning of self in the sense of leaving the old parts of you behind. In shedding the dead surface, you strengthen your core and embrace the steps of becoming the best you.

Fall into your new self! Wishing you all a prosperous season in Jesus’ name.

Hosea 10:12 –  “Break new ground.
Plant righteousness,
and harvest the fruit that your loyalty will produce for me.”
It’s time to seek the Lord!
When he comes, he will rain righteousness on you.

fallseason-9fallseason-1fallseason-4 copyfallseason-7

Top – Honestly forgot haha

Pants – Windsor Fashions

Bag – ALDO

Shoes – Nine West

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