My birthday is coming!

This Saturday, the 24th to be exact. I don’t shop much, but on the rare occasion that I do, it’s for my birthday.

I’m turning 21 this year and the most expecting way to celebrate is a night out in NYC, especially because it’s so close to me. However, I’m all New York’d out. Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

So I’ll be celebrating my night in Philadelphia at a soulful lounge with good eats and great friends. During the day, I’ll be attending a “Girlfriend’s Day” event at a church I attend while here at school.

I typically embrace colors and prints but this year I’m doing it quite simple. I’ll be wearing black. (You’ll see the dress later.) I partnered up with SHOPBOP to show you guys some of my favorite styles of little black dresses.

  1. Perfect for a special night. Not too fancy but not at all chill. Still, very very classy.  That neckline tops it all. This dress is for the woman who likes to do it up but still come off…subtle.
  2. Here’s a classic little dress you can wear simple with a statement necklace or blazer. Effortless.
  3. I had to include this dress! I love the suede material and of course, the fringe. I mean, look at all that layering! The movement is also gorgeous. This dress is ideal for a chill or adventurous night out.

For more LBD looks, shop here and paint the night…black!

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