Laced Up


I’m finally 21!

Yayayayay. Definitely blessed to see another year. I praise God for it.

My birthday went nothing as planned. I didn’t do the whole travel to Philadelphia thing. Everything was falling apart and I decided my friends and I would just wing it.

But even winging it was a struggle. So tears were involved. Long story short, my friends made my weekend!

On Friday night, my friends surprised me with a mini pre-party with Popeyes and cupcakes. It was hilarious and so me. I LOVE chicken and cupcakes, guys. That night, we went out for my first official drink at Applebee’s. We shared so many laughs – I loved it.

The next day, we went to a women’s ministry event at a nearby church we attend by our school. I cant even begin to explain the experience so I’ll just say it was great to start my day for devoting time to the One who gave me life.

That night, we finally found a classy place to dine at! We went to PF Changs and stayed until it was just us. It was cool – it was like we booked the whole restaurant hahaha.

Planning for my birthday was definitely a lot and although I had to play it by ear, I’m super grateful to have done it with people who cared about keeping a smile on my face.

Memories on memories on memories. With people who are blessings on blessings.

With God and my loved ones, I am laced up and prepared for anything coming my way…
adornedbirthday-3adornedbirthday-6adornedbirthday-9adornedbirthday-4adornedbirthday-23adornedbirthday-15 adornedbirthday-17 adornedbirthday-21 Dress – Lavish Alice

Shoes – Forever 21

Accessories – ALDO

8 thoughts on “Laced Up

  1. Pretty March says:

    Hey !How are you ? I just like that outfit it is so 90’s and indeed you look like a R’n’B singer in the 90’s and that’s so gorgeous 👌😍
    Go check my blog 🙂 !

    Kisses Caroline!

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