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When I was younger I wanted to be EVERYTHING. An actress, makeup artist, singer- you name it. To this day, I imagine when I’ll be a contestant on Project Runway. Do I know how to sew? No. But you never know aha (seriously).

Anyway, similar to everyone around me, I was trying to figure out what my gift was. What was it that made me special? I couldn’t grasp my placement.

I walked down narrow paths that led me right back to where I was from the start; confused. I watched as everyone around me got their full and my hand was empty.
I wanted to speed up the process and just wake up the next day knowing what I was meant to do. I tried to be involved as much as possible and it was exhausting.

I had to find the difference between a hobby and a purpose.

Lately everyone wants to be a makeup artist or give advice on fitness and health. Which is fine…if you don’t expect to become famous overnight. My timeline is constantly filled with makeup and waist trainers.

Guys, I get it. How amazing would it be to become a sensation on YouTube? But you’ll lose yourself in the mix if that isn’t your calling. We aren’t meant to do the same thing. What’s for someone else isn’t for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more but don’t let it blind you from where you should actually be.

I would wonder what my gift was and why I wasn’t better at certain things. Okay so I’m interested in this but why aren’t the doors opening?

Preparing for college, I wasn’t sure if writing was all I wanted to do. I was struggling in my AP English course and it was rough rewriting papers, having to explain what I meant, why etc. Since I wasn’t used to feeling uncertain, I thought it was a “sign” to move on.

I was extremely interested in speech therapy. I envisioned myself helping people and kept attempting to make connections with it to English. My advisor told me to stop reaching. There isn’t a huge connection between the two other than involving words. I couldn’t accept that writing had to be the main thing to focus on.

So I prayed. A lot. Waiting for a Bible verse to show up in my fortune cookie or to have revealing dream- something.

But it was right in front of me the whole time.

When you find your purpose everything becomes clear. You realize you can actually inspire people through your talent.

There’s a reason why you’re at the place you are today. I’m not saying not try, I’m saying to focus and gain discernment. It might look good now, but that is NOT for you. Stop reaching for a plate that isn’t yours. Your course will be entirely different because you were made to be unlike anyone that you’ve met!

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for your support system. People who believe in you. People who guide you into the directions that are logical. Don’t just have yes-men. I hear the whole “it’s not my life” thing. BUT you should say something if your friend wants to be a makeup artist yet when you think back to when they did your face…yikes.

Appreciate your seat at the table and remember it’s great to taste around, just know what’s going to be fulfilling.

Much love,

7 thoughts on “Adjusting Your Placemat | Medgina’s Musings

  1. Clairee says:

    haahaa I thought I was the only one annoyed with seeing waist trainers & makeup “gurus” !
    But comparing ourselves to others is one of the many torturing things we do unfortunately so thank you for reminding everyone that each of our personal journey’s are specifically intended for us.
    Great post Medge! I wish I could put that last sentence on a poster & hang it on my wall lol

  2. Malissa Hanson says:

    Wow! Thank for that Medge! Definitely a struggle and conversation I’ve had with myself too many times to count. Thanks for the advice and confirmation that my purpose might not be like everyone else’s or as glamorous, but it’s just for me! Great read

  3. Rachel says:

    Of course, this was amazing as alwaysss!
    “You were made to be unlike anyone you’ve met”
    You’ve always been so inspirational and wise, individuality and originality is key and you have definitely expressed that here. Love it medge !

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