Christian Instagrammers To Follow


I don’t know about you but it’s really difficult to keep your eyes “on things above” when corruption is all up in your face and page and Instagram and…life.

Nudity. Porn. Profanity. There’s just some things you shouldn’t have on your feed. And that Explore Page?! Bruh.

Just be aware that even in our relaxed time, it’s so easy to slip and fall into sin. Even when you don’t intentionally look, it’s BAM. And you’re spiritually beat. 1 Corinthians tells us all to be alert and to stand firm in our faith! So keep guard, guys.

With that being said, you may need an Instagram sweep. Every once in awhile, I unfollow negative influences on my timeline whether it be Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You might have to do this to clean up your own feed. You can follow who you want, but as a believer, I find importance in following other believers as well. We need encouragement and reminders in this immoral world. We need to be exposed to the Word on social media to be strengthened and become more equipped and more unashamed in Jesus Christ.

As much as the world has different artists, it’s refreshing to find people who are just as talented and artistic but most of all from the same faith. It’s rare to find but these people exist, guys – they EXIST! They’re boldly living for Christ with their gifts and simply seeing their posts on their personal style, art or everyday issues is super inspiring.

And so I encourage you all to get some positivity, hope, faith and Jesus on your timelines! A little bit goes a long way. I’m so happy to have found these gems through my own Instagram and I hope you take it upon yourself to support them, too!

  1. No Ring No Sheets


If Ayanna isn’t a woman of God, I don’t know what is! Haha but no seriously. She practices consistency and straight truth. If you need real in your life, follow her! We all need wake up calls and her posts are constant reminders of that. She also blogs at

2. What is Joe Doing


Joe is HILARIOUS. And who doesn’t love humor? Throughout all his endeavors, all his efforts visibly lead back to Jesus. You’ll appreciate his honesty and down-to-earth personality. He also has amazing videos on YouTube at chaseGodtv and is more active there. That’s actually how I found out about him: YouTube. He talks about struggles we go through on the day-to-day and is very transparent. Real. Perfect for young people to relate to. Be sure to check out both his accounts!

3. @danachanel


This bubbly believin’ beauty is crazyyyy about Jesus and believes even just a sprinkle of Him will change your life. Well, she’s right 🙂 While you’re at it, download her app: Sprinkle of Jesus for daily reminders of His love and your worth.

4. @jarridwilson


This pastor/author is so creative! Deep man. Poppin filters. Living devotional. ‘Nough said. See for yourself!

5. @malaika_russell


Okay so not only does this pretty lady have the ultimate hair goals, she has such a sweet anointed voice! You must take a listen to her music. I love seeing her colorful posts on life, faith and girly things. Oh, did I mention she could dress?

6. @downtowndemure

adornedinarmor christian instagram 3

I love this girl! She is super sweet and goes super hard for Christ. She’s also a blogger and has been featured on quite a few sites such as Redbook for her modest style. If you need style tips on setting your self apart as a believer, she’s to do the job.

7. @madissonpaige


I’m not quite sure how old this young woman is but one thing for certain is that her faith speaks volumes! I found her rapping her Twitter a few years ago and was intrigued by her big personality and ministry that I just had to follow her YouTube channel! You’d be impressed.

8. @jasminemorrisxo


I discovered this beauty a few years ago and was enamored by her transparency. You’ll appreciated her unrestrained, unadulterated love for Christ. It makes you want to strive for more with your relationship with God. It’s refreshing. Really really refreshing. Jasmine also blogs and is a web designer – if you’re looking revamp your site, she’s the perfect woman to accomplish your God-given vision.

9. @virtuousbeautyxo


Alexa’s feed will literally draw you to her blog! I promise you, you’ll find your love for Christ renewed just by reading her words. Peace and tranquility are the first words I think of when I come across her posts.

10. @blessed_ada1


Ada’s account is one of the first Christian ones I’ve come across since I began my account years ago. This woman loves the LORD and I love her for that and her radiant personality. Her joy cannot be squelched and her smile will make you smile. Her attitude is that infectious.

11. @alifewithzoe


Zoe’s account covers beauty, fashion and faith. Pretty much the whole package. I love seeing her posts because it reminds me that a believer could like beauty and fashion and still not be vain. Her love for Christ makes her even more beautiful.

12. @justmissedtherunway


I just love this woman! We’ve been blogger friends for a little while now and is one of the most supportive Instagrammers you’ll ever come across! This fashionable and faithful queen will bless your timeline. You’ll love her style and her boldness in her walk.

13. @t2pitchy


This gifted girl has the brightest and boldest feed I ever did see. She designs her own clothes, takes awesome photos for her blog and writes beautifully about Jesus!

14. @heatherllove


I think every woman of God knows or knows of Heather Lindsey. I got to meet her at a conference and she’s just as genuine in person. Founder of Pinky Promise, she uses her platforms to remind women of the worth and everyone of what the Bible says. Her kids are the absolute cutest, too!

15. @thisiscornelius


Husband of Heather and pastor at The Gathering Oasis, and always preaching straight truth. Gentlemen, he’s one to follow. Literally. He has men conferences and inspires you guys to be men of integrity, men with a strong foundation in the faith.

16. @gritandvirtue


This feed lives up to its username for sure. I find this account to be resourceful and recharging. The aesthetic is perfect and their mission? Even more so.

17. @jackiehillperry

The edgy and urban poet isn’t your ordinary Christian. The advice she has on being a believer is eye-opening and atypical. You’ll enjoy hearing her take on things, as well as, the funny videos she creates about what Christians do!

18. @p4cm


P4CM stands for Passion 4 Christ Movement. Their purpose is to light up newfound zeal for Christ through music and spoken word. Be sure to keep an eye out on their YouTube channel! They have amazing poets and vocalists. You’ll be inspired. I know I was.

19. @modaprints


Color on color on color. You can see that from this little insta-preview! This young woman brings vibrance that immediately brightens up your day. You’ll love Alena because she’s unbelievably sweet and her style is, too! She has so much fun with prints that I’m sure she’ll have you trying out new things. From pineapples, to birds to floral, she does it all! On top of all that goodness, she loves Jesus! Need I say more?

20. @sanalia


Also one of the first Instagram accounts I discovered. I’m telling you, being exposed to other believers awakens your faith and makes you see things like never before! Sanalia has a way with words and has been blessed to be a poet and writer.

21. @mspositivityy


Ambition is what you’ll see when coming across this woman’s Instagram. Alexis is raising up funds so that she could travel the world and tell the nations about Jesus. In particular, she’ll be going to 11 countries in 11 months. You must support this missionary! It’s hard doing God’s work but it’s encouraging to see a young woman such as this one being ecstatic to do so. You can donate to her mission here:

22. @brittneymoses


Brittney Moses is the founder of Unashamed Impact worldwide! UI is an organization that bring together believers worldwide to boldly lift up the name of Jesus. Support support support. You’ll find some more believers that way!

23. @quitewomenco


There was no way was I not going to mention this feed! The account represents all things Godly women. They even give advice (yes, boy probs included haha). This account is filled with devotionals that have encouraged and motivated me on multiple occasions. They’re always right on time, too! It’s like they speak to me. They’re so uplifting, positive and unabashedly share Christ’s love with everyone! I really can’t even explain it – you have to see for yourself!

24. @delightministries


A similar account to @quitewomenco is this one! What’s different about it is that it’s directed specifically towards college women. Join the community and follow!

25. @girldefined


A pair of influential women seeking to train up influential women. Kristen and Bethany’s mission is: “striving to be God-defined girls in a culture-defined world.”

26. @shereadstruth


An Instagram account dedicated to helping women to open up their Bibles!

I’ll be updating this list from time to time so be sure to bookmark it. I hope you find an account that aspires you in your walk! We all need a little push, it’s time to take strides.

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7 thoughts on “Christian Instagrammers To Follow

  1. amberrg says:

    Great post! I’ve been looking for Christian accounts on social media. It’s too easy to come across stuff you don’t care to look at on Instagram etc. I’ll look at these!


  2. Downtown Demure says:

    This list is SO good and, honestly, important. Sadly, it’s difficult to heed Paul’s exhortation in 1 Cor 16:13 when we’re so distracted with fruitless things in social media (and life in general). I’m thankful for you and all of these Christ-centered people who provide necessary encouragement and spiritual focus in the most unlikely of places. I will be sharing this post with my Facebook group tomorrow!

    – Liz @ Downtown Demure

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