brbsurveyFebruary 1st.

That’s the day I’ll come back to you guys! My contributor and amazing writer of a sister, Medgina, will be hitting you with one of her many musings and I’ll be posting the following week.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I would be taking a little break from blogging.


Honestly, I need a little time off. I don’t want something I love to turn mechanical. I don’t want that spark to fizzle out.

So on my break from AIA, I’ll be gearing up for school since I’m returning this weekend for my FINAL semester of undergrad. Yay! I’ll also be praying and brainstorming for what’s to come on this site. I’ve got a new planner gifted from my bestie and I’m feeling super motivated because of it! I’ve got great things coming for you guys, just wait on it.

I have a strong desire to inspire and so there’s no room for complacency. I want to improve and grow, which is why I want to ask you all: what can I do for you? What do you want to see on Adorned in Armor? How can I be of benefit to you?

With that being said, I created this semi-quick 10 question survey to better understand you more. It would mean a lot if you took time out to answer them! It’s completely anonymous unless you want to make yourself known.

Can’t wait to hear from you guys! Talk to you soon!

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