You Should Go & Love Yourself

vday-5 copyAnd him and her and that person over there, too!

I’ve been a Belieber since his very first single EVER and been waiting to quote this song soooo judge me if you may! And as much as I’m a huge fan of the Biebs, I’m a huge fan of Valentine’s Day too so…


I know, I know. It was yesterday. BUT I didn’t get to tell you yesterday so I’m saying so now! Happy V-Day 😉

I’m the girl that’s been dressing up in red, or pink, or purple just because I looooove the holiday. I’m the complete opposite of my sister who typically dons dark colors on this festive day.

One thing we do have in common is that we see the holiday as a reason to go out and treat yoself!

And hey, if you have a man, let him treat you.

It isn’t just about you, though. Use this day everyday to go out and show kindness to somebody. Compliment someone today. Give your friend a random hug! Smile at a stranger. Tell your close ones how much you love them.

I won’t apologize for my enthusiasm; Valentine’s Day has always made me giddy! And that should be you smiling – with or without a Valentine. It’s a celebration of love and it’s a celebration of us! And when I mean us, I mean you, me, everyone. It’s a special day.

So psst! In case you haven’t heard it yet, you are beautiful and you are loved. Don’t forget, okay?

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