NYFW SS16 Recap

Guysssssss, guess what? Well, you know what from looking at the title of my post and if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

I got to be a part of NYFW this year, yay!

Because I’m still in school, I only went to two shows but hey, that’s something!

The first show I went to was on Saturday, Feb 13. The designer was Leanne Marshall, a winner from Project Runway. Yes, PROJECT RUNWAY. I used to watch that awesome show all the time. Of course, her designs were immaculate. I fell in love with her yellow-gold pieces – they were so flowy and had an air of regality to them.


I arrived to the venue early and entered the lounge. There, I was served food, drinks and freebies! Papyrus was super hospitable. I got a huge wallet/clutchΒ that says “NYFW: The Shows” on it. It had tons of goodies in it, too.


I also networked with a few. I met a young model who modeled at Yeezy’s show and another young woman, Aryelle, (seen below) who I took a bazillion pictures with to capture the perfect one. It wasn’t an ordinary photo booth – we took the photos at the fancy photo area sponsored by Papyrus. Later, I won a $500 gift card to their store after posting the photo to my Instagram. It was such an honor attending the Leanne Marshall show – her pieces were very beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.19.57 AM

Prior to the second show, I met up with my Yujin, a friend I made at my Elle internship. We had coffee and tea at La Colombe, chatted it up about what we were up to, and watched the snow fall as street style stars sauntered in. It was great catching up πŸ™‚


Back to the show! On Monday Feb 15, I attended Libertine. This time, I was covering the happenings backstage. I tweeted, took photos, and did interviews with the hair, nails and makeup stylists. I got to be with the designer (who was extremely humble and gracious) and the models. I watched them practice walking down the runway and saw who was scheduled to wear what. It was so fun! Libertine is known for crazy and elaborate styles and if you follow my Snapchat, you got to see all the goods!


Ran into Kela Walker and introduced myself! I love her drive!


Remember these? Barrettes made a comeback on the Libertine runway!


They call these nails “floss.”


I love fashion with a message. The Libertine show was all about the youth revolution. The models were wild parading around with bold signs backstage and unto the runway!


Special thanks to Ty for making it happen πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “NYFW SS16 Recap

  1. Downtown Demure says:

    Girl, this looked like such an awesome experience! I’ve been avoiding Snapchat for the longest, but your post makes me wish I had an account so I could’ve seen your backstage coverage!

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