springjacketlookbookadornedAlthough Spring is still some weeks away, I think it’s safe to say that we east coasters can start bringing out our lighter jackets. But, with this unpredictable weather, I won’t say to store your furs and puffy coats away just yet!

But yes…your spring jackets can still come out to play!

As I write this post, it’s a cloudless, piercing blue skies kind of day and the sun is straight beaming. I honestly had to shield my eyes as I walked to Starbucks earlier. I shed off my winter coat and thick scarf and walked out in my sweater – and let me just say, that alone felt liberating and made me look forward to the pending season.

With that being said, I teamed up with SHOPBOP to present you all with some sassy spring jacket inspo.

  1. This soft nude jacket drew me at first sight. Not only do I love the color, I love all of the fringe detail and the fact that the material is suede! This jacket can easily transition from your fall wear to spring.
  2. If you know me, you’d easily tell that this jacket is my absolute favorite! I feel every woman should have a staple coat in her closet and this is a great example of one. It has print, color and shine. I’d wear this kind of jacket with a very basic top and bottom, as the model is wearing. Neutrality is best when wearing a piece that’s over the top. You dress around that staple!
  3. Everyone needs a leather jacket, right? This take was especially attractive to me because of stud accents and pretty, pastel blue color. Pastel = major spring yes!

For more stylish jackets, check out SHOPBOP’s selection!

PS: Thoughts by me, but this post is sponsored. *


Valentine’s Day Looks | With Shopbop

adornedinarmorshopbopvalentineLess than a month away until Valentine’s Day, ladies! Didn’t we just like…start the year?

Yeah, I know. But of course, I’m here again to share some of my favorite Shopbop’s looks that serve as major inspo. I’m a sucker for this commercialized holiday and I couldn’t stop if I tried. I love love! And I can totally see myself wearing any of these outfits and adding my personal touch through accessorizing and all that pizzaz.

So let’s talk V-Day.

  1. I am in LOVE (get it?) with the color of this dress. It’s construction isn’t the typical and I like how it takes it from basic to …not so basic lol.  Perfect for a girl’s night or date night with your special somebody.
  2. You know I’m all about the jumpsuit all day, any day. This one is so polished and I can totally see it on the business woman or the sophisticated #girlboss who’s taking herself out! Because…why not?
  3. Floral and feminine: basically the ingredients to the typical Valentine’s Day look. The pop of black serves as an unexpectant contrast, making the gown appear as if it’s art! Seriously, doesn’t it look like a painting?

Shop here and here for more!


adornedinarmor-nye-shopbopAh! It’s New Year’s Eve! Where did 2015 go?!

If you still haven’t a clue what to wear tonight, don’t you fret your pretty little heads. I teamed up with SHOPBOP to give you major NYE glitz and glam looks.

Whether you celebrate at church, at home, or at a party, here are some ideas that’ll make you bring in 2016 fabulously.

  1. This dress is perf for a little holiday party. Socks and heels? Yes, please!
  2. If you’re planning one going all out, this one’s for you! I wore this dress to my church’s gala in the summer and absolutely loved it. I’m sure you will, too!
  3. Just chilling this year? This little number is ideal for a small get together with friends, or huge party, or can even be wearable to a church service. I loved how SHOPBOP paired it with those shoes. I have a similar pair in silver!

Click here for more NYE looks! How will you be ringing up the New Year?

Luxe Holiday Looks


Hey guys!

I wanted to try something different to inspire you this holiday season. This time, I’m sharing ways to style the original Christmas colors and still look luxe this holiday season. You know I love different fabrics and prints and leather and velvet and ah! You catch my gist – we can still embrace tradition in a new way! Hope you enjoy the ideas! Time to get creative…

Basic color theory dictates red and green, the traditional Christmas time hues, to be complementary. Now, whether or not you want to take the plunge and wear red and green simultaneously is up to you, but we do have some gorgeous holiday separates that will carry you through the season.

What you won’t find here, however, are the old-fashioned snowman and reindeer vests of decades past (save those for the ugly sweater Christmas party), but a rather updated version of yuletide fashion that incorporates textural elements like leather, wool, velvet, cashmere, and embellishments, for a modern take on the classics. Christmas is around the corner, so let’s get started!

Sequin SparkleSequin

This green deep v-plunge sequin dress from Topshop is the perfect holiday party attire packed with plenty of texture and visual interest. Straight from this Lyst page, the light catching swirl of sequins and net trimmed arms lend loads of tactile details for a festive and fun dress. Pair it with a faux fur stole or jacket and a pair of black velvet pumps and tights for even more modern layering.

Velvet Crush

Velvet Red

One of this Vogue article’s favorite on-trend seasonal materials is velvet, so we’ve brought you these gorgeous red velvet high waisted cigarette pants from ASOS. From leather peplum, to plunging lace, to cozy cable knit sweaters, couple these bottoms with all of your favorite tops this year. Wear these pants with peep toe booties, velvet pumps, or even a pair of oxfords for a luxurious high-end holiday look.

Pleasantly Plaid


This plaid green wool-blend overcoat from Forever 21 is smart on so many levels. Not only can you dress this baby down with a pair of distressed jeans and boots, but you could also easily wear this to the office with a pair of slacks and a blouse. Belt this coat for even more fun and layer away beneath the playful plaid pattern.

Cozy Cashmere


Casually chic is how we’d describe this beautiful wool and cashmere red knit dress from Jaeger. Perfect for braving the crowds while holiday shopping, or just having a nice meal with family, this piece would look great with a pair of tights, knee high boots, and your favorite scarf. To add even more textural elements, belt the waist and include a chunky statement necklace (long or short) for a bit of sparkle.

Luxe Leather


We’ve chosen this green Madison pencil skirt from Oasis as a nod to the current seasonal trend dubbed as “leather weather” by this Harper’s Bazaar piece. This skirt is conservative enough, hitting just below the knee, to wear to the office and then to cocktail hour later in the evening. Pair this with a white or black fitted button down blouse, a statement necklace, and black t-strap heels for an outfit that’s perfectly posh.

Now that you’ve seen our spin on the classic red and green colors for the Christmas season, we hope to have instilled some serious holiday cheer in your wardrobe this year!



I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe the holidays are already upon us! It’s my favorite time of year. First, stuffing our faces and reflecting on what you’re grateful for, then celebrating the gift of Christ!  Oh, and if you call Black Friday a holiday, I guess you can squeeze that in there, too.

I collaborated with SHOPBOP to share with you my favorite holiday looks! Of course when you think of the holidays, the two primary colors you go for are red and green. I chose to go with 3 green dresses that you can get inspo from to wear to your holiday dinner, banquets and/or parties!

The first dress is one of my favorites. These kind of dresses look the best on petite women so if you’re short, this one’s for you! It compliments your chest, slims your waist and gives you hips!

The second dress is more elegant. It’s perfect for Christmas service at church. I love it’s straight line – this type of dress elongates your body!

Ahhhh this third dress is absolutely gorgeous. Extravagant, yes. But super necessary for the holidays. It’s perfect for a gala, banquet or any formal event. I love the constructed shape; it gives the illusion of origami. What do you think?

For more holiday dresses, search no further! Shopbop’s got ya.



Smile Brilliant


Hey guys!

Happy Monday 🙂

Yes, happy happy happy happy (Pharell’s voice lol). I’m grinning from ear to ear because 1. God graced me to be alive. 2. my smile has gotten brighter! Yayyyyyy!

All thanks to Smile Brilliant.

When I first heard from the company, I was a bit hesitant in agreeing to work with them solely because my blog never covered anything like this before. However, after agreeing and trying the process for about 2 weeks, I can’t shut up!


My. Teeth. Are. LIT.

Using Smile Brilliant at home seemed too easy to be true. But using it really was that simple. (You can learn of the process through this awesome YouTuber’s video here.) I’ve always taken good care of my teeth (No braces and I’ve never even had a cavity!) But it was awesome to see how the product helped enhance the whiteness of my teeth in one night. It wasn’t a great difference but I did see small results. From then on, I was excited to see the finish product.

My third night, I guess I was too excited because I put too much gel and irritated the mess out of my gums. No bleeding, no swelling. But man did that baby burn. So be careful, a little goes a long way! I’m telling you so you don’t have to learn the hard way. Trust me.

It’s fast acting enough on it’s own. I can’t wait to continue my process – I’m just so excited about it, I wanted to share the news now!

Maybe I’ll do a follow up post so you all can see the results in a month or so. If not, you can always just see them in my style posts haha.

Check out more reviews/testimonials here and this instructional video  of how it works! Your teeth will shine bright like a diamond for sure 😉



*This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own. 

Photography by Cassi Ettman



My birthday is coming!

This Saturday, the 24th to be exact. I don’t shop much, but on the rare occasion that I do, it’s for my birthday.

I’m turning 21 this year and the most expecting way to celebrate is a night out in NYC, especially because it’s so close to me. However, I’m all New York’d out. Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

So I’ll be celebrating my night in Philadelphia at a soulful lounge with good eats and great friends. During the day, I’ll be attending a “Girlfriend’s Day” event at a church I attend while here at school.

I typically embrace colors and prints but this year I’m doing it quite simple. I’ll be wearing black. (You’ll see the dress later.) I partnered up with SHOPBOP to show you guys some of my favorite styles of little black dresses.

  1. Perfect for a special night. Not too fancy but not at all chill. Still, very very classy.  That neckline tops it all. This dress is for the woman who likes to do it up but still come off…subtle.
  2. Here’s a classic little dress you can wear simple with a statement necklace or blazer. Effortless.
  3. I had to include this dress! I love the suede material and of course, the fringe. I mean, look at all that layering! The movement is also gorgeous. This dress is ideal for a chill or adventurous night out.

For more LBD looks, shop here and paint the night…black!



Happy fall, guys!

How have you been holding up?

I’ve been freezing back here in New Jersey – the temperatures dropped so quickly! I’ve been wearing my summer items because I left all my fall/winter things home. This past weekend, I had to go back to pack them up and bring them to campus. Can you say “clutch?”

As I suffered (joking), I browsed SHOPBOP for the perfect transitional item: the jacket! I found so many but ultimately decided that these three are my ultimate favorites.

  1. I’ve always wanted a cape jacket. You don’t even have to dress up in this piece; it’s a statement in itself. I love the sleek finish and this jacket is just so me! PS: My birthday is coming up (hint hint).
  2. Fur! The pattern is aesthetically appealing and the colors are very fall. I always have burgundy pieces in my closet and this one could happily take up my space.
  3. I’ve always gone for boxy items. This particular collarless jacket caught my eye because of the bold outline. The white lapel provides a stark contrast and you all know I love boldness! Another plus are the huge pockets!

What’s your favorite transitioning piece, guys? For more fall jackets and inspo, check here!

*Post sponsored by SHOPBOP. All thoughts are my own.*

Internship Look | ft JORD


Hi guys, remember how last summer I had the series titled, “Who Adorns Her?” If not, it was a feature where I highlighted the stylists of the best dressed celebrities.

This summer, I thought I’d share my own very personal favorites! I’ll be showcasing my internship style from traveling to and fro New York for my internship with ELLE. So onto internship look number one…

Here, I’m adorning this amazing wooden watch gifted from JORD! Yes, I said “wooden.” And yes I said “watch!” If you know me, I don’t even wear watches. I actually never heard about this company until they reached out to me. All of a sudden, I wanted to know all about JORD because of their perfect merchandise (no seriously)! I scoured their site for the watch that would most suit me and I narrowed it down to these two bad boys: the Cora and the Sidney. I ended up with the Sidney because it’s easier to pair with.JORDWATCH

You know how they’re different kinds of trees? Well, they have different types of watches! There’s maple, cherry, and all that good stuff. Their intricate and various designs are inspired by their sincere love of nature and modern taste. Not only do I love JORD’s fashionable, earth-friendly watches, but I love their mission, which is the belief that their watches tell more than time. I must say I agree.

Who knew wood could send a timeless and fashionable message? (Get the pun?)

I’m seriously fascinated by JORD‘s designs. They have products that feel exclusive – not everyone has it and I think I appreciate that aspect the most. I can guarantee compliments derived from just seeing the watch! Like seriously, it’s not the typical MK watch you see everywhere; it’s your very own sustainable and trendy item.

If you didn’t think such an invention could be created, look no further but their website and… the flick of my wrist hahaha. I hope you sang that aloud!


Dress – Missguided | Necklace – F21 | Watch – JORD | Shoes – ALDO

Photography by Medgina Saint-Elien & Domonique Boss

** All opinions are my own. Item gifted by JORD. ** 

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD