springjacketlookbookadornedAlthough Spring is still some weeks away, I think it’s safe to say that we east coasters can start bringing out our lighter jackets. But, with this unpredictable weather, I won’t say to store your furs and puffy coats away just yet!

But yes…your spring jackets can still come out to play!

As I write this post, it’s a cloudless, piercing blue skies kind of day and the sun is straight beaming. I honestly had to shield my eyes as I walked to Starbucks earlier. I shed off my winter coat and thick scarf and walked out in my sweater – and let me just say, that alone felt liberating and made me look forward to the pending season.

With that being said, I teamed up with SHOPBOP to present you all with some sassy spring jacket inspo.

  1. This soft nude jacket drew me at first sight. Not only do I love the color, I love all of the fringe detail and the fact that the material is suede! This jacket can easily transition from your fall wear to spring.
  2. If you know me, you’d easily tell that this jacket is my absolute favorite! I feel every woman should have a staple coat in her closet and this is a great example of one. It has print, color and shine. I’d wear this kind of jacket with a very basic top and bottom, as the model is wearing. Neutrality is best when wearing a piece that’s over the top. You dress around that staple!
  3. Everyone needs a leather jacket, right? This take was especially attractive to me because of stud accents and pretty, pastel blue color. Pastel = major spring yes!

For more stylish jackets, check out SHOPBOP’s selection!

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NYFW SS16 Recap

Guysssssss, guess what? Well, you know what from looking at the title of my post and if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

I got to be a part of NYFW this year, yay!

Because I’m still in school, I only went to two shows but hey, that’s something!

The first show I went to was on Saturday, Feb 13. The designer was Leanne Marshall, a winner from Project Runway. Yes, PROJECT RUNWAY. I used to watch that awesome show all the time. Of course, her designs were immaculate. I fell in love with her yellow-gold pieces – they were so flowy and had an air of regality to them.


I arrived to the venue early and entered the lounge. There, I was served food, drinks and freebies! Papyrus was super hospitable. I got a huge wallet/clutch that says “NYFW: The Shows” on it. It had tons of goodies in it, too.


I also networked with a few. I met a young model who modeled at Yeezy’s show and another young woman, Aryelle, (seen below) who I took a bazillion pictures with to capture the perfect one. It wasn’t an ordinary photo booth – we took the photos at the fancy photo area sponsored by Papyrus. Later, I won a $500 gift card to their store after posting the photo to my Instagram. It was such an honor attending the Leanne Marshall show – her pieces were very beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.19.57 AM

Prior to the second show, I met up with my Yujin, a friend I made at my Elle internship. We had coffee and tea at La Colombe, chatted it up about what we were up to, and watched the snow fall as street style stars sauntered in. It was great catching up 🙂


Back to the show! On Monday Feb 15, I attended Libertine. This time, I was covering the happenings backstage. I tweeted, took photos, and did interviews with the hair, nails and makeup stylists. I got to be with the designer (who was extremely humble and gracious) and the models. I watched them practice walking down the runway and saw who was scheduled to wear what. It was so fun! Libertine is known for crazy and elaborate styles and if you follow my Snapchat, you got to see all the goods!


Ran into Kela Walker and introduced myself! I love her drive!


Remember these? Barrettes made a comeback on the Libertine runway!


They call these nails “floss.”


I love fashion with a message. The Libertine show was all about the youth revolution. The models were wild parading around with bold signs backstage and unto the runway!


Special thanks to Ty for making it happen 🙂

You Should Go & Love Yourself

vday-5 copyAnd him and her and that person over there, too!

I’ve been a Belieber since his very first single EVER and been waiting to quote this song soooo judge me if you may! And as much as I’m a huge fan of the Biebs, I’m a huge fan of Valentine’s Day too so…


I know, I know. It was yesterday. BUT I didn’t get to tell you yesterday so I’m saying so now! Happy V-Day 😉

I’m the girl that’s been dressing up in red, or pink, or purple just because I looooove the holiday. I’m the complete opposite of my sister who typically dons dark colors on this festive day.

One thing we do have in common is that we see the holiday as a reason to go out and treat yoself!

And hey, if you have a man, let him treat you.

It isn’t just about you, though. Use this day everyday to go out and show kindness to somebody. Compliment someone today. Give your friend a random hug! Smile at a stranger. Tell your close ones how much you love them.

I won’t apologize for my enthusiasm; Valentine’s Day has always made me giddy! And that should be you smiling – with or without a Valentine. It’s a celebration of love and it’s a celebration of us! And when I mean us, I mean you, me, everyone. It’s a special day.

So psst! In case you haven’t heard it yet, you are beautiful and you are loved. Don’t forget, okay?

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vday-22 copyvday-15 copyvday-11 copy


brbsurveyFebruary 1st.

That’s the day I’ll come back to you guys! My contributor and amazing writer of a sister, Medgina, will be hitting you with one of her many musings and I’ll be posting the following week.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I would be taking a little break from blogging.


Honestly, I need a little time off. I don’t want something I love to turn mechanical. I don’t want that spark to fizzle out.

So on my break from AIA, I’ll be gearing up for school since I’m returning this weekend for my FINAL semester of undergrad. Yay! I’ll also be praying and brainstorming for what’s to come on this site. I’ve got a new planner gifted from my bestie and I’m feeling super motivated because of it! I’ve got great things coming for you guys, just wait on it.

I have a strong desire to inspire and so there’s no room for complacency. I want to improve and grow, which is why I want to ask you all: what can I do for you? What do you want to see on Adorned in Armor? How can I be of benefit to you?

With that being said, I created this semi-quick 10 question survey to better understand you more. It would mean a lot if you took time out to answer them! It’s completely anonymous unless you want to make yourself known.

Can’t wait to hear from you guys! Talk to you soon!

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Valentine’s Day Looks | With Shopbop

adornedinarmorshopbopvalentineLess than a month away until Valentine’s Day, ladies! Didn’t we just like…start the year?

Yeah, I know. But of course, I’m here again to share some of my favorite Shopbop’s looks that serve as major inspo. I’m a sucker for this commercialized holiday and I couldn’t stop if I tried. I love love! And I can totally see myself wearing any of these outfits and adding my personal touch through accessorizing and all that pizzaz.

So let’s talk V-Day.

  1. I am in LOVE (get it?) with the color of this dress. It’s construction isn’t the typical and I like how it takes it from basic to …not so basic lol.  Perfect for a girl’s night or date night with your special somebody.
  2. You know I’m all about the jumpsuit all day, any day. This one is so polished and I can totally see it on the business woman or the sophisticated #girlboss who’s taking herself out! Because…why not?
  3. Floral and feminine: basically the ingredients to the typical Valentine’s Day look. The pop of black serves as an unexpectant contrast, making the gown appear as if it’s art! Seriously, doesn’t it look like a painting?

Shop here and here for more!

Work & Play

dcstay-3copyIf you don’t follow me on Insta or Twitter (which you totally should), I shared the news that I was selected to be KeyNote speaker at American University’s Washington Semester Program orientation. It was an honor just being there – I would not have expected to be back in Washington so soon!



I spoke to the students about my personal life, work ethic and experience in the semester program last year. My theme was taking the best out of each experience no matter the circumstance. Of course I used my mother as a primary inspiration (PS: It’s her birthday, today!)


I got so much positive feedback and left the campus touched. The amount of students that came up to me with questions and kind words was overwhelming – in a good way, of course! I was so happy to be of inspiration and it made me even happier to see so many attentive faces, wanting to listen to my unfinished story. Super humbling.


After the orientation and Dean’s Reception, I was free to go! I spent Wednesday to Saturday relaxing in my gorgeous and hospitable hotel, having brunch and dinner with bloggers, and taking walks in our scenic capital.


The beautiful Jasmin of Jasmin Daily and I met up for dinner at The Mission. It was so awesome seeing her! She’s one of the bloggers I met last year and it was great to reunite. I also had dinner with Buki of Style with Buki at Cuba Libre! Ah, it was great catching up – with great food, too! We talked the blog life, of course.


Friday was brunch day with Leyla of Beyond Her Curls and Jackie of The Modalista. I’ve been following both on Instagram for some time now and since I knew I was coming, we arranged a meet up! The Open City Restaurant was the place to be. Their bubbly personalities made brunch light and airy; we hit it off right away!

dcstay-25dcstay-27dcstay-26dcstay-1dcstay-2Saturday, I packed my bags, checked out and had brunch for one at The Firefly. Because hey, a girl needs time to soak a whirlwind of days all in.

It felt so unreal being there and I enjoyed every minute. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I couldn’t wait to share the details of my trip with you guys!


adornedinarmor-nye-shopbopAh! It’s New Year’s Eve! Where did 2015 go?!

If you still haven’t a clue what to wear tonight, don’t you fret your pretty little heads. I teamed up with SHOPBOP to give you major NYE glitz and glam looks.

Whether you celebrate at church, at home, or at a party, here are some ideas that’ll make you bring in 2016 fabulously.

  1. This dress is perf for a little holiday party. Socks and heels? Yes, please!
  2. If you’re planning one going all out, this one’s for you! I wore this dress to my church’s gala in the summer and absolutely loved it. I’m sure you will, too!
  3. Just chilling this year? This little number is ideal for a small get together with friends, or huge party, or can even be wearable to a church service. I loved how SHOPBOP paired it with those shoes. I have a similar pair in silver!

Click here for more NYE looks! How will you be ringing up the New Year?

Luxe Holiday Looks


Hey guys!

I wanted to try something different to inspire you this holiday season. This time, I’m sharing ways to style the original Christmas colors and still look luxe this holiday season. You know I love different fabrics and prints and leather and velvet and ah! You catch my gist – we can still embrace tradition in a new way! Hope you enjoy the ideas! Time to get creative…

Basic color theory dictates red and green, the traditional Christmas time hues, to be complementary. Now, whether or not you want to take the plunge and wear red and green simultaneously is up to you, but we do have some gorgeous holiday separates that will carry you through the season.

What you won’t find here, however, are the old-fashioned snowman and reindeer vests of decades past (save those for the ugly sweater Christmas party), but a rather updated version of yuletide fashion that incorporates textural elements like leather, wool, velvet, cashmere, and embellishments, for a modern take on the classics. Christmas is around the corner, so let’s get started!

Sequin SparkleSequin

This green deep v-plunge sequin dress from Topshop is the perfect holiday party attire packed with plenty of texture and visual interest. Straight from this Lyst page, the light catching swirl of sequins and net trimmed arms lend loads of tactile details for a festive and fun dress. Pair it with a faux fur stole or jacket and a pair of black velvet pumps and tights for even more modern layering.

Velvet Crush

Velvet Red

One of this Vogue article’s favorite on-trend seasonal materials is velvet, so we’ve brought you these gorgeous red velvet high waisted cigarette pants from ASOS. From leather peplum, to plunging lace, to cozy cable knit sweaters, couple these bottoms with all of your favorite tops this year. Wear these pants with peep toe booties, velvet pumps, or even a pair of oxfords for a luxurious high-end holiday look.

Pleasantly Plaid


This plaid green wool-blend overcoat from Forever 21 is smart on so many levels. Not only can you dress this baby down with a pair of distressed jeans and boots, but you could also easily wear this to the office with a pair of slacks and a blouse. Belt this coat for even more fun and layer away beneath the playful plaid pattern.

Cozy Cashmere


Casually chic is how we’d describe this beautiful wool and cashmere red knit dress from Jaeger. Perfect for braving the crowds while holiday shopping, or just having a nice meal with family, this piece would look great with a pair of tights, knee high boots, and your favorite scarf. To add even more textural elements, belt the waist and include a chunky statement necklace (long or short) for a bit of sparkle.

Luxe Leather


We’ve chosen this green Madison pencil skirt from Oasis as a nod to the current seasonal trend dubbed as “leather weather” by this Harper’s Bazaar piece. This skirt is conservative enough, hitting just below the knee, to wear to the office and then to cocktail hour later in the evening. Pair this with a white or black fitted button down blouse, a statement necklace, and black t-strap heels for an outfit that’s perfectly posh.

Now that you’ve seen our spin on the classic red and green colors for the Christmas season, we hope to have instilled some serious holiday cheer in your wardrobe this year!

Deck the Halls | Medgina’s Musings

deck the haulsHello, it’s me.

I’m the girl you attacked on Black Friday. Don’t you remember? While you were throwing clothes on the floor and pushing people out of the way, I stood there with a coupon in my hand and smile plastered onto my face.

I’m writing this letter to express how happy I am to work on the holidays :)…

That was my customer service facade.

Now, here’s the truth – why do we have to act like extra’s in a Hunger Games movie whenever there are deals for the holidays? You just had a Thanksgiving meal!

This was the first time I worked on Black Friday and I had hope. Yeah, the videos that surface of customers getting trampled and employees in survival mode are intense but I honestly believed it wouldn’t be that bad. The crowd outside the store was huge but I trusted in all of you to be the anomaly.

I understand my role as an employee for sure. It’s all about the customer but that doesn’t mean that I suddenly serve as a punching bag (literally…for some).

The doors opened and the madness ensued.

Why did you toss merchandise on the floor? Why did you get angry at me for the prices like it was my fault?

Black Friday was rough. Traumatic even. Thankfully, I believe in second chances so this Christmas, I’m going to give you tips on how to give the best presents without ripping my hair- sorry your hair out 🙂

1. Shop online.
2. Read number one. Do you know how much easier it is to shop online? You receive amazing deals and unique finds that you wouldn’t find in the store.
3. Be creative and do something for the person that they’ll appreciate.
4. Calculate the hours in the day where the store of choice won’t be ridiculously busy.

To anyone who has ever worked during the holidays, you have my respect and condolences. I see you and recognize that sometimes, you took on roles that were not in your job description. You held your tongue when someone gave you a bad attitude and kept your shoes on even when your feet were screaming.

Real MVP’s.

I hope we can take a step back and realize the purpose of holidays: spreading warmth and cheer. Don’t get lost in the hype, or find yourself waiting in long lines and not knowing how you ended up with ten bags in your hands. You will find the perfect gift and truthfully, it doesn’t have to be bought all the time.

Much love,

Worth It


I considered not posting this look because my belt was slightly crooked. Extreme? Yes. But I wouldn’t had really done it. What my issue is: is the fact that the thought even came to mind!

On my contributing post on the Bronze Bombshell, I talk about how hard I am on myself when it comes to the material I put out. I can’t procrastinate if I tried and trust me, I’ve tried (just as a little experiment lol). Upon getting any assignments, I must complete it or at least start it as soon as I have the time. I literally have to. Oh, I work on breaks and holidays, too. Not like a maniac but I have this thing where I have to do at least one project in a break period, or else I feel like I wasted time. 

I just don’t like giving myself unnecessary stress. So to avoid it, I do what I have to…early. 


Of course, I do like relaxing. I love relaxing but in the midst of school, work and blogging, I have to tell myself to take a break…to just c h i l l.

Being a hard worker is great, but always having to perfect that work sometimes isn’t so much. 

I actually didn’t know I worked myself too hard until this year. My friends told me!


My parents raised me with the mentality that my best is always enough and I took that and ran with it. All throughout elementary, middle, high school and now my last year in college, I always sought out to perfect my work. If I got a B+ on a paper, I’d do a rewrite to get an A. (I did that this past weekend.) If there’s an extra credit opportunity, I always always take it. I loveeee extra credit! Again, this isn’t a bad thing.


Now, there are different forms of perfectionism. As I was writing this post, I was trying to determine if I was one (perfectionist) wholly and did my research and was like “wait, all of this isn’t me!” Let me not put myself in a box. So, I’ll just be talking how any form of overwork can be a negative.

An issue can be that you seek approval from others and feel the need to please them. An issue can be that you think negatively of yourself and not give yourself enough credit. An issue can be that you’re not being satisfied with your looks so you constantly make up yourself to ensure you’re looking your very best. An issue could be thinking you have to fix yourself before God can fully love you and prepare you for your future. Or your issue could be something like mine – needing to learn how to gift your body with a break from going too hard at work.

Whether it be with work, looks, or whatever, every single human being need to come to a realization that our best work won’t always be perfect, but it is the best you can do and that’s enough!


I work so hard because I don’t like the notion of settling, yes. But I also work hard because I know where I want to be. However, no matter how hard one works, it doesn’t mean success will come faster. Success comes when God allows it to. That doesn’t mean to procrastinate, no no no. Efficiently do your part and you’ll see God has been doing His all along.

His love goes over and beyond our limitations. His grace lets us be imperfect in every aspect of the word and is sufficient for us. His strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

The world’s view on “perfection” isn’t what we ought to strive to be. As Christians, we were made to be mirrors of God’s love to everyone we come across. While here on this earth, we participate in a journey of personal transformation in loving Christ more, others and ourselves.

The road isn’t easy, nor is it a popular route. But it is worth it.


Hat & Accessories: ALDO/ Belt: SheIn / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: G by Guess

Photography by Cassie Ettman